Together Forever


01 Together Forever (New School Freestyle)
02 Together Forever (New School Dub)
03 Together Forever (Something For The Red Zone)
04 Together Forever (Something For Roseland)
05 Together Forever (Berrios Beats)
06 Together Forever (Radio Edit)

INFO > I would best describe freestyle as a guilty pleasure. The genre nearly disappeared as the ’80s ended; however, the sound was revived in the early-1990s with Carlos Berrios produced hits “Temptation” by Corina, and “Together Forever” by Lisette Melendez. In 1991, “Together Forever” broke the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart—no mean feat for a freestyle single. And just like the song, the promo video is straight up cheese:

Perhaps not surprisingly, freestyle’s popularity persists today.

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  1. I love me some Freestyle! This is one of the CD Singles that I wouldn’t sell, as it is one of my favorites. Corina’s “Temptation” and 3 of George LaMond’s singles from his debut album are also favorites (especially his “Without You”).

    • could you please post them (esp Temptation, i’ve not heard the others you mentioned))) but i’d like to) in share section?

      • I don’t anything by Corina any more, as I sold them and likely don’t have a surviving rip. I still have 2 of the George LaMond CD Singles, which I can post…hopefully tomorrow.

  2. forgot to say “thank you, Chris” )

  3. do you have Lisette Melendez – Never Say Never cd single?

    thank you :)

  4. Guilty pleasure indeed :) Chris, let me know if you don’t have Goody Goody in your collection.

  5. Great Song ! Thanks

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