01 Invisible (Original Vocal Edit) 04:11
02 Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) 07:43
03 Rendezvous (Tilt’s Quadraphonic Mix) 08:03
04 Invisible (Original Vocal 12″) 08:04
05 I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) 07:25
06 What’s This? (Tilt’s Tunnel Mix) 6:46
07 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Dub) 09:00
08 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix) 12:31

INFO > In 1999, the Tilt trio of Michael Parks, Michael Wilson, and John Graham recycled their trance instrumental “Rendezvous” (written and produced with Paul van Dyk) into “Invisible”, featuring former Grace vocalist Dominique Atkins. From a collector’s perspective, it’s one of Hooj Choons’ most confounding releases: multiple slabs of promo vinyl and acetates feature various versions; however, the commercial 12″ only includes the ‘Lost Tribe Vocal Mix’ and “What’s This?” The two UK CD singles compile several—but not all—of the mixes, and they’re edited to comply with UK chart requirements; also, “What’s This?” is excluded entirely. The above tracklisting replicates promo CDR HOOJ073LCD, with additional bonus track ‘Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix.’

HELP > Anyone have the Australian CD with the full-length mixes?

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  1. thanx dj shelf this is only not paul oakenfold remix

  2. this is hymn of peace

    • Very appropriate song for these times, Nedzad. Thank you for sharing.

      • I forgot this one for all people of good will no greedy no hate .John Lennon has killed by crazy nacinalist from United States egzactly because of their beliefs I am afraid that it is now wrong to interpret and use the are of a political purpose only as propaganda

  3. Here is from freakyenergy ru this is not my post and links

    Label: Hooj Choons Australia
    Catalog#: HOOJ073CD
    Source: CD, Maxi-Single
    Release date: 1998
    Format: mp3 /Flac
    Quality: 320 / Lossless
    Size: 100 / 300 mb
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Trance, Progressive Trance

    1. Invisible (Original Vocal Edit) (4:12)
    2. Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) (8:55)
    3. Invisible (Rendezvous: Tilt’s Quadraphonic Instrumental Mix) (10:16)
    4. Invisible (Original 12″ Vocal Mix) (11:15)
    5. I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) (11:26)

    in 320
    in Flac

    • I figured you’d be able to find this – thanks Nedzad!

    • spasibo nedzad
      now i don’t have to ask for flac files from disc two

      • Я рад, что у меня есть друзья из России УКРАИНЫ( Моя дочь в законе из Киева и Белграда в прямом эфире) Америке по всему миру неповрежденный души спасибо Ahisht

        I am glad that I have friends from Russia UKRAINE(My daughter-in-law of Kiev and Belgrade live) America worldwide soul intact thanks Ahisht
        Диск 2 Я не знаю,

        Disc 2 I do not know sorry i look

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