Street Tuff


01 Street Tuff (Scar Radio Mix)
02 Street Tuff (Club Radio Mix)
03 Street Tuff (Scar Mix)
04 Street Tuff (Club Mix)
05 Street Tuff (Robin Albers Mix)
06 Street Tuff (Norman Cook Mix)
07 Street Tuff (Longsy D Remix)
08 Street Tuff (Ruff Mix)
09 Street Tuff (Bass Heavy Mix)
10 Street Tuff (Norman Cook Instrumental)
11 Street Tuff (Time To Rock Dub)

INFO > Double Trouble and Rebel MC’s second single “Street Tuff” peaked at 3 on the UK Singles Chart in 1989.

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  1. DJ Shelf do you heard for blog Musicais Pras Bunitas by transvestit Sindy Loca
    This is the one bigest blog on Net but no egzist anymore reason is published all version of on one single like you posted here o(only you dont post 2003 rebult white label remix amazing staff better of original) i haved this.
    Example Sindy posted N-joy- Anthem at first to last issue
    For me thank you nice collection from cds i haved this from vinyls

    • Ha! No, I’m not familiar with Sindy’s blog – sounds like it was probably pretty good while active.

      • Aj aj Shelf watch this Electribe 101-talking with my self at first version to last Vinyl rips CD rips 1988-1997 500 mb 320 mp3 this i found of this blog and many many more no one links dont work anymore some staff i have at home.
        This guy totaly broke law and copryghts published material like this.Soft Cell – Tainted Love at first original mix but today all versions in one place have been uploaded on zippy in march 2013 link dont work anymore.I have that.
        dj shelf one question how i droped video from you tube here people to see it.RESON IS PRAYING FOR PEACE IN WORLD

        • If you cut and paste the URL from the YouTube video that you want to share, it should appear in the comments.

          “There is no way to peace; peace is the way.”

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