Italia – Dance Music From Italy


01 Black Box – Ride On Time (Massive Mix)
02 Gino Latino – No Sorry (AC Mix)
03 Starlight – Numero Uno (Club Mix)
04 Kekkotronics & LTJ – Gimme The Funk
05 The Jam Machine – Everyday (Freestyle Mix)
06 D.F.C. Team – I.C. Love Affair (Mix Version)
07 Gino Latino – The Teacher Of The House Music (Alfabet Version)
08 Kekkotronics & LTJ – First Job
09 Dr. Zarkhov – Interplanetary Adventures (Space Mix)
10 Psycho Team – Pyscho

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  1. Bravo DjShelf you read my mind.This music is now actual again isee go on Net many young people asking matrial like this believe me.For me music this type no one never as maked again thisis unique and wonderfull only for that i love Italy Thank you see what i have on share-Sueno Latino-Puera Del Sol please download this magnificent staff. effilnuc saved and bring me again no one in the world now happy of me .Thanks milion times this good guy. Please download this.For free only there is that single no one in the world posted imagine that.

  2. Great stuff, thank you!

    Remember getting the vinyl as a present from my girlfriend at the time, after a trip to London. Loved her and the record… ;-) Bought a used CD years later, but sadly it was almost unplayable…

    There’s just something about Italian dance/disco music, it’s by far not all good, mind you, but it’s just so irresistably “simple”, emotional, unintellectual and positive, well most of it anyway…

    BTW, are you still looking for the Rollo & Sister Bliss mixes of Love Is the Drug? I can rip the cdm for you if you want.

    • Funny how we associate certain memories with music. To this day, I still remember songs playing in my car while driving past landmarks in my area… like, 25 years ago! And yes, there is something about the simplicity of Italo-House that makes it so uplifting.

      I would greatly appreciate a high-quality rip of that Roxy Music single – thanks!

      • I would greatly appreciate a high-quality rip of that Roxy Music single – thanks!
        I CONCUR! :-)

        italo disco house is my guilty pleasure)

  3. Thanks Shelf i remember this well & nicely rounded off by the psycho team track :)

  4. This is great! Thanks!

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