01 Happiness (7″ Mix)
02 Happiness (Forthright Club Mix)
03 Happiness (Forthright Dub)
04 Happiness (Claudio Coccolutto Mix)
05 Happiness (Boxcar Down Under Mix)

INFO > While best known as Pet Shop Boys’ longtime studio technician, Pete Gleadall has also produced original material and remixes under the name Forthright. Released in 1996, “Happiness” was Gleadall’s third artist single, and features remixes from Claudio Coccolutto and Boxcar.

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  1. I think I have something by Forthright in my collection. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Forthrigh made remixes for Pet Shop Boys George Michael Strike Alabama 3 Real MCcoy one song i see on va the no 1 rave album (2006) you have Cowboy records various album 1two song from first vinyl is on youtube on quality format.DJShelf thank you for you first upload this cd single no one upload material of Pete Gleadall aka Forthrigh realy hard to find free

  3. I found this release

    http://www.discogs.com/Infamy-4-You-Spin-Me-Round/release/1545169 vinyl is better at cd maxi colaboration with George Michael (originaly recorded 1987 this is Forthright remixes)i send you soon

  4. One correct 2010 HardBack Records Ltd. is recorded limited edition on CD all versions of this(414 mb on 320 mp3) i need time to upload this This no on Discogs.

  5. Sent via my LG Marquee from Boost Mobile

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