I Want To Live


01 I Want To Live (Oakenfold & Osborne Radio Mix)
02 I Want To Live (Oakenfold & Osborne Mix)
03 I Want To Live (Rollo & Sister Bliss Big Vocal Mix)
04 Eureka

INFO > For their second effort as Grace, Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne covered Gavin Friday’s 1991 single, “I Want To Live.” The 1995 Perfecto release established Dominique Atkins as the project’s voice and face, and features mixes by Rollo & Sister Bliss, along with housey instrumental “Eureka.” That same year, model Naomi Campbell released her own version of “I Want To Live”, produced by Friday himself with Tim Simenon.

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  1. I was very much into anything related to Faithless…especially Rollo and Sister Bliss mixes. This is one I only ever had on a mix CD a friend made for me of R&SB mixes. I likely have that CD packed away, yet. Let me know if you’re looking for something Faithless related, I may still have it. I kept some of my favorite UK CD Maxis that featured R&SB mixes, and mostly all of my Faithless CDs and Maxis. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks LMNO. Actually, I’ve always wanted the 1996 Rollo & Sister Bliss mixes of “Love Is The Drug” by Roxy Music. And I shouldn’t have sold the 1995 remixes of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love. Either or both of those would be great.

      • Oh, the irony. I never bought either of those singles, as my friend included a mix a piece on one of the mix CDs they made for me. Let me try an clear up what I was trying to say above. I still have a lot of Faithless CD Singles in my collection.

        For other artists with R&SB mixes, I still have the following singles:

        Afro Celt Sound System – Release Remixes [US]
        -includes 9:46 Rollo Remix

        The Cardigans – Hanging Around [UK]
        – includes 6:37 My Favorite Game [Rollo’s Mix]

        Dido – Hunter [UK]
        – includes 8:03 Take My Hand [Rollo & Sister Bliss]

        Huff + Puff (Puff = Rollo) – Help Me Make It [take the ribbon from my hair] Rollo & Sister Bliss ’97 Remix [UK]
        – includes 3:44 Rollo & Sister Bliss Radio Edit and 9:00 Rollo & Sister Bliss ’97 Remix

        Huff ‘n’ Puff – Born Again [UK]
        – includes 6:54 Rollo *& Sister Bliss Mix

        Kosheen – Hide U [US]
        – includes 8:06 Rollo & Sister Bliss – Remix

        Kristine W – Feel What You Want [UK], One More Try [US] and Land Of The Living [US Promo] and [US]
        – includes various Our Tribe, Rollo and Rollo & Sister Bliss Mixes and Edits

        The London Suede – Everything Will Flow [US]
        – includes Rollo’s Radio Edit 3:25, Rollo’s Vocal Mix 8:25 and Rollo’s Dub Mix 8:12

        Olive – You’re Not Alone [US Maxi]
        – includes 8:27 Rollo & Sister Bliss 12″ Mix…I also have the US 2 Track CD Single that has the 4:30 Oakenfold/Osborne Remix Edit

        Rollo Goes Spiritual with Pauline Taylor – Let This Be A Prayer [US]

        Rollo Goes Mystic – Love, Love, Love – Here I Come [UK]

        Simply Red – Fairground [US]
        – includes Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix

        Skunk Anansie – You’ll Follow Me Down [UK]
        – includes 3:29 Rollo & Sister Bliss (From Faithless) Mix

        Pauline Taylor – Constantly Waiting [UK]
        – includes Rollo & Sister Bliss’ Epic Mix and Club Mix

        Tricky – For Real [UK]
        – includes Rollo Mix (this one’s a stinker)

        Track times are taken from the inserts or discs where given

    • Ahh, thanks for clarifying. Faithless never did much for me – wasn’t quite the same vibe as Rollo solo or with Sister Bliss. I wouldn’t mind grabbing the two Rollo Goes… singles. Thanks again!

      • I’m going to see if I kept my old scans, as I cleaned them up. If I don’t have them, I’ll see what I can find on the net and include them in the files. I’ll try and get to them tonight, and will post them in the Share section.

        I actually just made 2 Rollo & Sister Bliss Mixes compilations, both with 8 tracks and just over an hour long each. I forgot one single, which was “What Hope Have I” by Sphinx. Also the R&SB Mix of the Skunk Anansie track is actually quite a bit longer (as I ripped the mixes to my computer)…coming in at 8min 26sec.

  2. Do you have any of the remixes of the Naomi Campbell Version by Chance ?

  3. thanks for posting this

    i had some sort of mix on tape – maybe an Oakenfold Essential Mix – with the Rollo and Sister Bliss mix. Not heard it in years. Brilliant.

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