New Beginning


01 New Beginning
02 Total Intervention
03 New Beginning (Ramp 7″ Club Mix)
04 New Beginning (Ramp Club Mix)
05 New Beginning (Beginners Mix)
06 New Beginning (Restart Mix)
07 New Beginning (Street Mix)
08 New Beginning (Instrumental)

INFO > UK singer and songwriter Mark Adams started his music career in the early-1980s fronting Catch 22—a garage punk band specializing in 1950s rock ‘n’ roll. After Catch 22 faded out, Adams switched gears and joined pop group One Hand One Heart, which released a couple of singles through Epic in 1988. A few years later, Adams adopted the stage name Duke and began his solo career with the 1994 international hit single “So In Love With You.” Follow-up “New Beginning” was produced by Tony Mansfield and remixed by Ramp; unique tracks from UK and Dutch CD singles are consolidated here. A separate release includes mixes from Jaydee, Cooly D, and The Wiseguys.

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  1. Very nice nice, and thank you for sharing . Remember the name, but not familiar with his songs.

  2. I have only ramp mixes thank you DJ SHELF another suprise from you.Thank you MOD.Go to share Siouxsie & The Banshees Peek-A-Boo (1988 Poyldor, 887 642-2) CD Maxi Single suprise from me

  3. DJ SHELF ONE QUESTION ON FIRST 3 SONG OF CD PEEK- A – BOO SOND IS HIGH BUT ON OTHER TWO 4 AND 5 IS LOW.this is not my fault bastards is uped like this this is wrong .Sound on other two song must go up like first 3 songs.100 PROCENT YOU MAY HAVE PROGRAM TO DO THIS.please give me answer what you donne to make better please.Mistake of originaly uploader i think deliberately.

    • The CD may have been mastered that way. The bigger problem is that the disc was ripped at 256 VBR, not 320 CBR, so the compressed sound quality is not optimized. Not your fault of course, and it’s acceptable for now until a better rip comes along or I can find an original CD. Thanks.

  4. My Password Wound Not Work On The Other URL

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