Super-Mix Club

Debbie, will you be my valentine?


01 Shake Your Love (Club Mix)
02 Out Of The Blue (Drumapella)
03 Only In My Dreams (Club Mix)
04 Foolish Beat (Extended Mix)
05 Out Of The Blue (Club Mix)
06 Shake Your Love (Bass Apella)

INFO > In a prior post, I revealed my longtime infatuation with Miss Deborah Gibson. My crush is more silly than serious, and you all know how I take pride in embarrassing myself :-) This 1988 Japanese collection gathers various versions of Debbie’s first four singles, remixed by ‘Little’ Louie Vega and Scott Blackwell.

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  1. Many thanks. I also had a crush on her, but honestly, who doesn’t?

  2. Plus, her songs are so catchy and she has proven she was genuinely talented. No guilt there. This is the only type of love song I want to hear today anyway!!!

  3. It’s no secret that I had a thing for Debbie…moreso back in the day. I did an edit of the Extended Mix some years ago, as if it were a new radio remix. I didn’t care much for the Latin Flavor thrown into the extended mix, and the edit sounds much better without it. I like the album version, but the instrumentation is “punchier” in the Extended Mix, and the saxophone parts are even different. I did a little tweaking on the track and made some artwork for the edit. Keep in mind this edit is not a recent work of mine.

    Foolish Beat [Extended Mix – eLeMeNOhPeaQ Edit]
    4min 28sec | 320kbps MP3

    Also, remember her cameo in Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Girl” music video? Refresh your memory…

    • Good stuff, LMNO – your edits are always top-notch. And I had no idea about that video – more star cameos in there than an entire season of “Love Boat.” Thanks!

  4. great post !
    Love Jacksons Liberian Squirrel video as well !

    Never knew Gibson was in that videos.

  5. Thanks for this post Shelf, and thanks to (eLemNOhPeaQ) for sharing his work as well. ;)

  6. please link esta merto, gracias.

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