Just Keep Rockin’


01 Just Keep Rockin’ (7″ Hip-House Mix)
02 Just Keep Rockin’ (7″ Sk’ouse Mix)
03 Just Keep Rockin’ (12″ Hip-House Mix)
04 Just Keep Rockin’ (12″ Sk’ouse Mix)
05 Just Keep Rockin’ (Robin Albers Mix)
06 Just Keep Rockin’ (DMC Mix)
07 Just Keep Rockin’ (12″ Sk’ouse Remix)
08 Just Keep Rockin’ (12″ Hip-House Remix)
09 Just Keep Rockin’ (Hip-House Dub)
10 Just Keep Rockin’ (Sk’ouse Dub)

INFO > 1989 hip house hit “Just Keep Rockin'” was the debut release by Double Trouble: Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, Leigh Guest, and the late Michael Menson, collaborating with Rebel MC (Michael West). The package includes an early remix by Dutch DJ Robin ‘Jaydee’ Albers, along with a Paul Dakeyne mix produced for DMC.

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  1. DJ shelf this is it no one better like old rare tunes in early 90’s i have his other two singles street stuff and celebration .You posted here completly all versions of this hip hop tune.I dont have word for this but thank you thank you thank you mi8

  2. Can I share this on my twitter feed?

  3. I haven’t heard this one in ages, let alone the Rebel MC. I always enjoyed their tracks and remixes. Just plain fun from that timeframe. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for this – some great tunes from this era – love it :)

  5. Total classic thanks so much.your blog is tops love this old school 12”s & cdms.

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