Everything She Wants ’98


01 Everything She Wants (George Michael Mix)
02 Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Club Mix)
03 Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Radio Edit)
04 Everything She Wants (Forthright Club Mix)
05 Everything She Wants (Forthright Club Mix – BRAT Edit)

INFO > To promote the 1997 hits collection, “The Best of Wham!”, Sony commissioned new mixes of the duo’s 1984 single, “Everything She Wants.” George Michael’s effort elicits a yawn, and Todd Terry turns out predictable patter; however, Pete Gleadall (Forthright) provides a more interesting interpretation. Added as a bonus is Daniel Barassi’s unreleased edit of the Forthright Club Mix. For more of Barassi’s knob-twiddling talents, head over to BRAT Productions.

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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks so much. :-)

  2. Thank you DJ Shelf i have some from here and freemansons remix of this song Dj shelf man who is have cds and vinyls on Discogs from Nedherland give me Boombastic Beat Corp. – Work It record for free what you say for that,This man is owner this record on Discogs 100 times thanx for that i dont know what is cost this cd or vinyl.Simple i asking him to help me and his man helps me simple.

  3. Awesome! I had these mixes, I believe from 12″ a couple years ago. I do enjoy the discofied ’97 mix on If You Were There/The Best of Wham! I think I like that the mix keeps true to the original, which was something I needed for this particular song. Maybe I will find more interest in the other mixes this time around. Thanks for the post!

  4. Generous, as always.

  5. hi im very new and saw this and omg, i’d love this can you please reupload this please….

    • Yeah, I pulled the link because there were an unusually high number of downloads, which means that some a-hole posted it elsewhere. Here’s a new, temporary link – get it within the next couple of days: MOD-20140212 (same password as above)

  6. thanks so much…

  7. Hi could kindly re-post this very rare Wham link PLEASE?

  8. Hi sorry to nag again.i clicked the notify boxes this time,then I will know when the Wham link is re-posted thanks.

  9. gr8 post, many thanks!

  10. Hi djshelf.I really would love these remixes of Wham.could u kindly re-post the link please?

  11. Hi djshelf thanks
    so much for re-posting link for Wham.Appreciate your help.

  12. Hello, please re-up. Thank you.

  13. Hey there, any chance of a re-up on this? Many thanks!

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