The Return Of Andy Durutti

Although still on hiatus, I decided to take a break from my break after hearing from the musically brilliant Andy Durutti. You may recall that the 2005 eponymous album by Andy’s old band, Autumn Thieves, was featured here a while back (DL link restored).

Sending good wishes for the New Year, Andy apprised me of his two new releases available through Bandcamp: “Flame Out” and “Grand By Decline.” These instrumental EPs comprise lush soundscapes, ambient noodlings, and electronic experiments—all trademarks of Andy’s distinctive style.

I encourage you to have a listen and support Andy’s work with a ‘name your price’ purchase of these fine recordings.

Here is Andy’s 2011 single, “Foreign” (free download):

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  1. As I’ve finally recovered and I didn’t say it earlier – Happy New Year – and thank you for an awesome site! :)

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