Methods Of Dance is 3

My sincerest thanks to everyone for your contributions and appreciation of the blog—it’s a wonderfully supportive and very generous community we have here :-)

Over the past three years, there have been 710 total posts, including 485 singles and 155 compilations. And while there’s still a bit more music in the archives, we’re going to take an extended break at the beginning of the New Year.

You all are the best—thanks again and take care.


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  1. i honestly cannot express enough how grateful i am to you, chris. it’s not even for music you posted or good/great artists i never knew before, but mostly because you somehow, in some way, “taught” me how to be a bit better, less selfish, perhaps. i know i may sound stupid))) but that’s what i feel

  2. Thanks for all the fantastic music you shared with us. Greetings from Hungary. Long live the 1990s, the best period in music.

  3. happy 3rd birthday cant thank you enough for the music,your a true hero wishing you a great new year and hope you had a great festive season…..;)

  4. Happy third birthday. I can only echo the tributes above. This is a great blog.

  5. Happy Birthday, MOD! You hit the nail on the head with calling it a community here. This is one the blogs where I see the most participation from the readers. Congrats! Thanks to all who contribute! And here’s to your next 3 years! (Oh, and enjoy your break!)

  6. Great job mate!

  7. Wonderful Effort , looking forward to more stuff after your hard earned break!

  8. WOW ! hard to believe its been 3 years. Thanks for the posts and the warm conversation.
    We appreciate all you do and the hard work that goes into maintaining this site.
    Happy New Year Shelf :)

  9. No my friend. Thank to you, for your generousity, and your kindness to share all this great stuff with us. And thank you for making us feel welcome to this great website. Only the first 3 years mate! Cheers! Have a lovely holidays, and a great new year.

    And a big thank you to all the uploaders too. Specially Nedzad, Andrei and eLeMeNOhPeaQ for their kind contributions.

  10. Thank you DJ Shelf. Very appreciative of your hard work and the music you share. Happy birthday MOD !!!

  11. Amazing Music! Congrats!

  12. Yr blog is AWESOME, thank you for all the quality posts!!

  13. 3 years old eh? certainly felt longer than that with the quality it brings!
    Happy 3rd Aniversary, Chris!

  14. And I would like to thank you all who have been uploading all great stuffs here. :D

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