To commemorate the 25th anniversary of THE BANK’s opening, the tribute blog has been temporarily reopened.

December 2013 Deposit Summary

11 Dec – “Lucretia My Reflection”
14 Dec – “Don’t You Want Me”
18 Dec – “Theme From Mission: Impossible”
21 Dec – “Plastic Dreams”
29 Dec – “Pressure Us”

Available for immediate withdrawal at THE BANK.

Unfortunately, withdrawal links for older deposits remain disabled and will not be restored.

Thank you for your patronage.

HELP > Back in the early 1990s (maybe 1993 or 1994?), someone produced a dance track based on Julius Fučík’s “Entrance Of The Gladiators”, a classical composition later rearranged by Louis-Philippe Laurendeau as “Thunder And Blazes”, which subsequently became popular as a circus march. Is anyone familiar with the techno version and know who the artist is?

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  1. I used a version of this song by ‘Brisby & Jingles’ called ‘Dancing Circus’. Don’t know the label. I’d heard another version just called ‘Circus’, but I don’t know who did it.

  2. Thanks. I did come across the Brisby & Jingles tune in my search, but it’s not the one and was produced too recently. It’s likely that several rave tracks may have used that melody back in the day; however, I wouldn’t expect that the version I’m after is too obscure.

  3. I’ve been looking to make a withdrawal for quite some time, thanks.

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