Moby “Almost Home”

Moby “Almost Home” (Best Friends Animal Society Lyric Video)

From Moby:

A few weeks ago i went up to Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay & Neuter Center, an L.A. city location of Best Friends Animal Society, and made a short lyric video for ‘almost home’.

The video cost, roughly, $0, and it features a whole bunch of the dogs and cats who are available for adoption.

It’s always a good time to adopt an animal from a shelter, but it seems like an especially good time to adopt an animal, as it’s holiday / channukah / kwanzaa / saturnalia / festivus / etc.

So: i hope you like the video, and i hope you’re able to provide a home for a dog or cat (or gerbil or snake or any other shelter animal) this season.


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  1. Dj shelf but two months on the job where I work,food and keep her die four small dog (the mother has left them) much I loved them. wherever I go and that they with it is I have such a soul.without me would not have survived my little buddies.nobody cares about them except me.

  2. I love Moby for reaching out to all us animal lovers.

  3. A dog is surely a man and woman’s best friend, they have the keen sensibility to know when you are down. My dog Lucie is my first little girl, and she has been through thick and thin for over ten years now. I’m glad my wife made me go into the dog pound that fateful afternoon 10 years ago and find my awesome German Shepherd/Australian Shepard mixed mutt… thanks for the post. God bless Moby! ..he’s da man

  4. It is most heart-warming to hear of all your compassion. The animals need advocates and protectors; I admire Moby – and all of you – for looking out for their interests. Thank you.

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