Running (2002 Remixes)


01 Running (Paul Droid & Azidman Radio Remix)
02 Running (D-Massive Vs Areté Radio Edit)
03 Running (Paul Droid & Azidman Extension Remix)
04 Running (D-Massive Vs Areté Extended Remix)
05 Running (Wally Lopez Weekend Remix)
06 Running (Original)

INFO > Information Society’s electro-freestyle classic “Running” was first released in 1984 on indie Wide Angle. The single became a club hit when reissued by Tommy Boy in 1986 with remixes by Joey Gardner and ‘Little’ Louie Vega. The tune was revisited in 2001 for a greatest hits compilation—Victor Calderone and Robbie Rivera reworked the track for a US remix package; however, the Spanish Blanco Y Negro label released these exclusive mixes in 2002.

HELP > Anyone have the Tommy Boy 1993 US CD single?

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  1. i still think ‘The Nest Remix’ will always be the best mix of this which i think benefits from not having the awful vocals ! Thanks for sharing these with us anyway shelf

    • All of the 2001-2002 mixes were disappointing, to say the least. Thanks for reminding me about the ‘Nest Remix’ – I meant to add a request for the original CD to this post.

  2. Thank you djshelf i have full dicography 1986-1992 and one remix cd single from 2001

  3. Hi DJ Shelf! Here is the link for the 1993 US CD single of “Running”: .
    Password: liquidclub . 320 kbps rip.

  4. DJ Shelf i member of one great forum on net this is originaly rip this cd single all others is copy of this (i talking of Russian forum)Some upload copy of this on Luiqid club you see how.This is link ;!tdJ1CJLD!P99GtmguIJPm7H0IuFXOIxRyTrIx-xfh0RB1qKkhPcE

  5. Go to share another two singles for Information Society

  6. Dear Nedzad,
    LiquidClub website also provides the FLAC version of the CD of “Running”. Here is the link: . Your FLACs and the LiquidClub FLACs, are identical. I posted the 320kbits rip link because – in this blog – this bitrate is considered good enough.
    Anyway, I don’t think that the most important thing is to find tracks directly ripped from the original CD or vinyl; the most important things are
    1) to find them somewhere on the Internet (there’s a lot on the Internet, but still not everything…);
    2) ripped in the best way possible (that doesn’t mean necessarily FLAC or 320kbps).
    Please consider also 2 things:
    1) anybody can create FLACs from MP3s, post them somewhere and say they are rips from the original source;
    2) most of the MP3 makers I know, have the possibility to set the “original” field inside MP3s, in the way you want.
    About LiquidClub, I know it’s a website where posts are often “stolen” from other sites; anyway, I’ve found lots of quality music (only) there, among authentic sh*t, so don’t despise it totally.

    • This is first posted DerevnyaIdiot 2011-10-11 14:06:31 if you know i have this from this time.but i dont habve time to upload this and give new reup of this member on megaco

  7. This is i haved almost 3 years (this originaly posted memeber on forum his code name is DerevnyaIdiot from Boulder, CO, USA a posted this cd single 2011-10-11 14:06:31 egzactly about that flac file is the same on liquid club eu5.Someone reuped his originaly post on liquid.Исполнитель: Information Society
    Сингл: Running
    Страна: USA
    Год выхода: 1986 (первоначально)
    Лейбл: Tommy Boy
    Каталог #: TBCD 877 [1993]
    Формат: CD→WAV→FLAC (renamed & tagged) + log + cue + images from Discogs

    1. 7:44 Running (Vocal Remix)
    2. 3:56 Running (Percapella)
    3. 5:29 Running (“The Nest” Remix)
    4. 7:45 Running (Instrumental)

    The original recording of “Running” and an instrumental version called “The Swamp” were on the 1985 Creatures of Influence LP. The vocal version became a hit in New York because it fit right in with the freestyle music popular in the Latino party/club scene at the time. The Tommy Boy label signed the band, put the two songs together, and remixed them slightly for the 1986 12″ release. This rip is the 1993 reissue CD. It has the same tracks as the 1986 vinyl. Mastering quality is very good.i know where find it same post on Dance forum ru .This originaly post in .I i’m member in booth forum couple years

  8. This originaly post of member DerevnyaIdiot posted 2011-10-11 14:06:31 his from USA

  9. Nedzad, I only wrote that the most important thing is to find the music you look for, somewhere on the Internet, ripped as well as possible. Next time, I will post FLACs link, so you won’t have to reply. Cheers.

    • I try to bring you evidence of this but dj shelf not aproved about that .This member is from USA but is Russian his buying all vinyls and cd singles of information society and collected his home and 2011 uploaded in forum( i i’m member this forum like him) forum is Italo Disco World.This is exzagtly like DJSHELF BUY CD SINGLE AND UPLOAD IN HIS METHOD OF DANCE ORIGINALY RIP.Later many re up same cd and vinyls.

    • govo71 and Nedzad – thank you both for fulfilling my request. And please – no need to debate the source origins of shared files. No one in any online forum may claim proprietary ownership over a CD or vinyl rip because they don’t hold the copyright to the material. I don’t mind if any of my rips turn up elsewhere; in fact, I welcome it, especially as I don’t have time to re-upload old files which were taken down.

      Also, I established 320Kbps CBR MP3 as the standard file quality on this blog for several reasons: (1) It’s universally compatible with all software and hardware; (2) Compressed size is convenient for cloud hosting and download; (3) It’s the lowest acceptable quality for file sharing. I firmly believe that artists should be properly profiting from their own music via sale of high-quality files (FLAC, WAV, AIFF) at reasonable costs (much less than rates for new releases). Unfortunately, major labels can’t be bothered to manage their back catalog material and appease collectors.

      Thanks again for your generous contributions and civil discussions.

      • djshelf, I’m in full agreement with you. My buddy Eddie Wilner, ran One Way Records for Alliance Entertainment, down here in S. Florida. I worked with him on re-issues of back catalogs. Getting a record label to license an artist back catalog is a kin to performing brain surgery on yourself with a can opener. I worked with Eddie on several projects & provided him with extra material that didn’t appear on their original releases, such as the Thompson Twins ‘Into The Gap’. Record labels get suspicious when you ask them to release back catalog from them, & give you a hard time or want a bigger cut of the profits than you are comfortable with. Sites like your fill the Gap [no pun intended], by providing & making available these out of print albums, singles etc. My reaction when I come across a site like yours is, ‘I have that, & now I don’t have to re-master my vinyl copy to Mp3, etc.’, or WOW…I didn’t know that existed!!!’ I think what you’re doing is fantastic & in the couple of days I’ve been on your site, I’ve found some things that I consider lost treasures. Keep up the good work, you are greatly appreciated. If anyone has a problem with what you’re doing, there’s always a can opener.

        • Ha! Thanks kindly for your comments and positive feedback. I think it’s great that there are so many exceptional music sharing blogs out there; however, it’s unfortunate that label lawyers have their copyright cops constantly on patrol to pull the plug on cloud-hosted files and even entire sites. I understand the need to protect current material by contemporary artists (all rubbish, mind you), but what do labels gain by yanking out-of-print and often obscure singles off the web? They’re not offering this material for legal purchase, and bloggers aren’t profiting.

          I know someone who worked at Rhino – which specializes in reissues – and I was surprised to hear of all the difficulties associated with licensing tracks and getting projects completed. Even worse is that so many reissued albums are plagued by problems – poor mastering, track errors, liner note and packaging mistakes, etc. It’s inexcusable.

          Thanks again!

  10. I booked INSOC at my club. Zanny bunch. Great show. After they performed, they bugged me all night for Madonna! Go figure. Thanks for the post.

    • I saw Information Society by accident in 1988 at Pulsations Nightclub in Glen Mills, PA. My buddy and I went to the club on a whim one Sunday (under-21 night), and InSoc were there doing a PA. It was kinda disappointing as the band only played two or three songs and lip-synced the whole performance. Even still, it was a pleasant surprise.

      • When I did the sound check for INSOC, they seemed like the most normal bunch of people. But when the lights went up on their show that night, It was insanity. They had the place jumping for their 50 minute show. The dance craze at that time was Pogoing. I don’t know where they got all that energy, but they stayed & danced right up to our 6 AM closing. The local rep for Wide Angle Records was there with Viola Wills & they danced the night away. I did a dance mix for Viola so she could shop it around to clubs to get bookings. It was surprising how many club owners didn’t have a clue as to who she was. A great friend & sorely missed.

        • Damn – that’s going waaay back! So you’re from the Minneapolis area? Running a nightclub in those days must have been loads of fun. Thanks Biffy!

          • Never been to Minneapolis. I’m from Miami/Fort Lauderdale, an actual native!!! Still at it, but now in production & radio. I just came along at the right time I guess.

            • Sorry about that – the band are from there, and for some reason I assumed it was a local gig for them. Although I doubt there are many clubs open until sunrise in Minneapolis! Miami is definitely a prime party town :-)

  11. Thanks for the mixes. Some complain about the vocals, but really, if you listen to the original, the pitch is mostly spot on. That means the master is slightly above pitch. If the remixers would have taken five minutes to either tune the vocals to their boards or vice versa, we’d be listening to a much better set of mixes. Shame.

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