Heart Of Stone


01 Heart Of Stone (Radio Edit)
02 Heart Of Stone (Sure Dub Edit)
03 Heart Of Stone (LP Version)


01 Heart Of Stone
02 Peace In Wartime
03 Cool Nights
04 Heart Of Stone (Ramp Mix)
05 Heart Of Stone (Ramp Instrumental)
06 Heart Of Stone (Sure Dub)
07 Heart Of Stone (Sure Breakdown Dub)

INFO > David A. Stewart’s post-Eurythmics career has included soundtracks, solo albums, collaborations, production work, and running his own label, Anxious Records. Co-written with Shara Nelson, “Heart Of Stone” is the first of two singles taken from Stewart’s 1994 debut solo album, “Greetings From The Gutter.” Consolidated here are the limited edition UK CD single; the German CD of dance remixes; and the US promo CD, which includes an exclusive edit of the Sure Is Pure dub.

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  1. Thank you Djshelf i very respect David A. Stewart .I see Ramp make two remixes(i have all dicography of him including this two mixes) but i dont have this USA CD issue thanx agan

  2. Thanks DJ Shelf, I’ve been hunting for the Sure is Pure remixes of this (which I’d originally had on vinyl ages ago and lost). Desperately still looking for the Sure is Pure remixes of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Rock Steady’. If you have any ideas I’d be most grateful.

  3. Sure is Pure mixes is fantastic simply amazing thanx again djshelf

  4. Now, this is a song I am not familiar with. But, seeing the remix titles, I am very interested to hear them.I’m sure this will be a treat…so, thanks for the post! Once I get a chance to listen to this, I am sure I will chime in with additional comments.

  5. Hi DJ Shelf,
    I’m new to your site, some exellent CD singles, any chance of a reload of Heart of Stone by Dave Stewart. I have some other Sure is Pure remixes if you require them, i.e. Sister Sledge. Cheers Ray

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