Real Real Real


01 Real Real Real (The Real Pop Mix)
02 Real Real Real (The Real Hot Crossover Mix)
03 Real Real Real (The Real Dance Hall Mix)

INFO > “Real Real Real” is the fourth single by Jesus Jones, released in advance of the band’s sophomore album, “Doubt.” The tune peaked at 19 on the UK Singles Chart in 1990, but did better in the States, reaching 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The US edition features exclusive remixes from Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero.

HELP > Anyone have the Japanese compilation “Scratched“, along with CD 2 of the “Never Enough” best of?

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  1. classic release. I have some of the tracks on the releases you’re looking for but not the actual albums themselves. mail me if there’s anything of particular interest.

  2. I downloaded Scratch from a blog about a year (or so) ago. I didn’t care too much for it, and must have deleted it, as I don’t see it in any of my folders. Will have a look again after work tonight and tomorrow, to see if I threw it on a back up.

    • As luck would have it, a thoughtful friend just sent me “Scratched” in WAV format. But thanks for checking!

      • Good…I am glad you got it (and in WAV format). I found the file on my computer in a “Pending Edit” file. But, the mp3s were gathered from different sources and VBR. I guess it wasn’t that I didn’t care much for the compilation, I didn’t care for the qaulity. As luck would have it, the one track I really wanted, “Bring It Down [Liquidized Mix]” was in 320.

        I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the compilation. Fave track (s)?

    • I used to have the CD but foolishly sold it, so I knew what I was missing. Like you, I definitely wanted the ‘Liquidized Mix’ of “Bring It On Down” – epic space trance rock. Also like the ‘Acid Confusion Mix’ of “The Right Decision” and the ’12 Foot Mix’ of “Who Where Why.” And listening to it again, “None Of The Answers” is quite interesting. The B-sides aren’t essential, though. I think the second disc of “Never Enough” provides a more cohesive collection of mixes.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Chris & Missus!
    Enjoy your holiday!

  4. I have both of them. I will upload them the week end shelf. Promise!

    • And don’t think I have forgotten this ilustrious blog. I will be back soon. With some orbit for good ol’ Nezad!

      • Seb thanx to heaven for this(i have almost full discography of JESUS JONES)This double cd been uploaded on Demonoid .me as torrent on Flac format,but has gonne in hystory.Now only find it 50 procent of full file on torrent- no seeds.For your information now works on name (only old members with password and name -no new members-no new registration)Seb comme back soon my friend.

    • Thank you Seb!! My first AIFF files, too – looking forward to the sound quality (as compared to FLAC and WAV).

      • Well, as a Mac user, Aiff is the best quality. At least to my ears… Great you like it. Love Jesus Jones. I may be sharing a couple of singles in the next days. Or maybe Erasure? Or maybe…

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