Music Lover (US Promo)


01 Music Lover (Shep Zip Mix)
02 Music Lover (Music Lovers Bass Mix)
03 Music Lover (Music Lovers Dub)
04 Music Lover (Heart Attack Mix)
05 Music Lover (Transformer Mix)
06 Music Lover (Glass Mix)

INFO > Top 10 UK hit “Hey Music Lover” is the third single by Mark Moore’s dance collective, S’Express. Shep Pettibone’s multiple mixes are exclusive to the US market, and his ‘Music Lovers Dub’ is digitally exclusive to this US promo. A far less likely choice to remix the tune was contemporary composer Philip Glass, whose interpretation was designated ‘The Glass Cut.’

HELP > Missing here are additional mixes from the UK and US commercial CD releases, including a rework by William Orbit. Anyone have these tracks?

  • Hey Music Lover (7″ Version)
  • Hey Music Lover (Miller Mash Glass Smash)
  • Hey Music Lover (G-OO-D Vibration Mix)
  • Hey Music Lover (Spatial Expansion Mix)
  • Hey Music Lover (Music Is My Life Mix)

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  1. I have the following:
    – G-OO-D Vibration Mix
    – Music Is My Life Mix

    How can I get them to you?

  2. Odyssey is legendary producer and DJ William Orbit’s first compilation for Ministry of Sound, and true to both the album’s title and Orbit’s career to date, it features an eclectic mix of tracks and artists from pop, dance and electronica. Named after Orbit’s US radio show “Stereo Odyssey”, the three CD set contains 42 tracks from artists as diverse as Robbie Williams, Amadou & Mariam, John Barry, Sasha, Deadmau5, All Saints, Stereo MCs and Dizzee Rascal, along with several exclusive tracks from Orbit himself. CDs One and Two are unmixed, while CD Three is mixed.

  3. And I can get you the Spatial Expansion Mix. How can I get to you?

  4. I have the requested cd if you want it.

  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for your generous offers – another thoughtful blog follower emailed me all the tracks almost immediately after I posted the single.

    You guys are the best!

  6. Love the caring and sharing on this site!

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for these mixes. There’s also a mix called the Giant Red mix, but the quality I have it in is appalling. It’s over 13 minutes long and was on one of the UK 12″ singles.

  8. Think I have most of these mixes. The Spatial Expansion Mix is awesome. The covers for the UK 12″ singles were great!!

  9. Any chance of a re-upload please? This is very rare in the UK and I can’t find it anywhere else!
    Thank you

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