[Can You] Feel The Passion


01 [Can You] Feel The Passion (7″ Version)
02 [Can You] Feel The Passion (U.S. Mix)
03 [Can You] Feel The Passion (Adrenalin Mix)
04 [Can You] Feel The Passion (House Mix)
05 [Can You] Feel The Passion (Zen Mix)

INFO > “[Can You] Feel The Passion” is the fourth single from Blue Pearl: Martin Glover (aka Youth) and Durga McBroom. The 1992 US issue features exclusive remixes by Carl Segal and Charlie Casanova.

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  1. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    I remember this one! I have it on vinyl—somewhere—and remember playing it in heavy rotation for a few months back in ’91–’92. Thanks, Shelf, for the digital version (and the memories it brought back). :-)

  2. I never knew Youth was behind this track. It explains why it’s one of the better rave tracks back in the day. Thanks for yet another great post dude.

    • Yeah, Youth was on fire in the early-90s. Have you heard anything by Brilliant, his 80s synth-funk project with Jimmy Cauty? Their only album is available on CD, but not sure if it’s worth the purchase – can anyone recommend?

      • I’ve got the Brillaint album albeit on vinyl – its a bit hit-and miss to be honest but the singles from it [ Its a Mans Mans Mans World, Somebody and Love Is War [produced by PWL]] are good. A fairly polished afair it is !

  3. i remember all the hoo-haa over this with Bizarre Inc;s ‘Playing With Knives’ though i still prefer this version

    • I didn’t discover Blue Pearl until years later, and didn’t immediately notice the similarity between the two tracks. They’re both classics in their own right.

  4. At times “Brilliant” reminds me of a funkier Colourbox ..here’s the full length re-issued album through Wounded Bird records 2009.


    • You are da man! I’m a big fan of Colourbox, so that’s a solid endorsement. I’ve also read reviews describing Brilliant as a precursor to The KLF. Thanks Sandman!

      • me too dude, I recently picked up the CB box set..worth the moola!… all the Colourbox gems on 4 CDs ..yes please!

        • Holy crap – I bought that box set months ago and forgot to open it. Thanks for the reminder!

          • If you never opened it, it’s going for serious money already! Save it for a rainy day. I’m stunned, because the 4AD webstore sold it to me for about $30. Talk about value for money! I also have this Blue Pearl single, which I purchased after seeing the video one day. The video mix was incredibly exciting turbo electro but most of these remixes miss the boat for me. I never ventured further into Brilliant or Blue Pearl territory though you could not have bought music in the 90s without amassing a collection of Youth recordings/mixes.

      • I got the same price directly from 4AD – what a deal! Just checked the store and it’s now out of stock.

        Youth definitely rules. He produced Peter Murphy’s upcoming album – some samples were played before Murphy’s last live shows and the material sounds great.

  5. very rare top tune n mixes to find thanx mate i have the vinyl

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