Love Me Madly?


01 Love Me Madly? (Zenn Eternal Countdown Edit)
02 Love Me Madly? (Dave Bascombe Mix)
03 Love Me Madly? (Voice Of Buddha Remix)
04 Love Me Madly? (Cuzco Remix)

INFO > The Human League’s eighth album “Secrets” suffered commercially from lack of promotion and the untimely bankruptcy of releasing label Papillon in 2001. After a chance meeting with Phil Oakey, Dutch DJ/producer Michiel van Bokhorst was able to acquire the master tapes for “Secrets” album track “Love Me Madly?” and create a white label remix. Additional mixes were produced, and van Bokhorst negotiated an official release in 2003 through his Nukove imprint.

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  1. First time I’ve heard this track. Excellent thank you.

  2. “All I Ever Wanted” was a great single. I’ve always felt that, if THL wanted to continue having Pop hits, they would’ve released “Shameless” as the follow-up single (which was my favorite track on Secrets. “Love Me Madly?” would have been a brave choice for single release, had the label not folded. But, it would have killed any momentum the album had. Oh, and if I got to chose the follow-up to “Shameless,” I would have gone with “You’ll Be Sorry.”

    Thanks for this…I once had this, and am glad to get it back!

    • Agreed – “All I Ever Wanted” was the obvious choice for a single from “Secrets”, and rightfully belongs in the ‘greatest hits’ category. However, despite the trite lyrics, I always thought “Love Me Madly” would have been a decent follow-up had Papillon survived. “Shameless” is a much better song, however.

      And I only just discovered that there is a promo single for “You’ll Be Sorry”, which is available to download here:

      • I completely forgot about that promo for “You’ll Be Sorry.” Thanks for the heads up! This just goes to prove that I was in agreement with at least 2 singles, even if one of them was promotional. I just wish “Get It Right This Time” would have been released as a single from Romantic?, a well-crafted follow-up to Crash.

        And, since I have mentioned Romantic?, is it just me, or do the off-synch synths/horns in “Kiss The Future” annoy anyone else?!

        • I haven’t listened to “Romantic?” since college! I suspect it warrants a renewed perspective with an open ear; however, I sold my copy long ago. Pretty sure I can find an affordable replacement, though.

          • Oh yeah, there are cheap copies to be found. The CD is still in print, otherwise I would offer to upload it for you. Romantic? definitely deserves the remaster treatment. I wonder if it will ever happen. “Heart Like A Wheel” should have been a massive hit. It’s one of my favorite League songs, and I’ll never tire of it. The whole album just flows perfectly. Such a shame they were losing their popularity, which was surprising, really…especially after the success of “Human” and Crash.

          • Shelf – I’m here to tell you that time has not been kind to “Romantic?” I loved “Heart Like A Wheel” and had the single for ages. I even had “Soundtrack For A Generation,” which was no great shakes, comparatively. I got curious in the late 90s and bought a cheap copy of “Romantic?” and quickly discovered that it was even worse than “Hysteria.” Since I never heard [or will hear] “Crash,” I point to it as the worst Human League album I’ve heard. And I was a big time fan from the time of “Travelogue.” I soaked up the “Dare” era like a sponge, but after that, it seemed like the League could not get it straight until “Octopus.” That one shocked me with its competence and perhaps even excellence. “Secrets ” was also a viable album. I never heard “Credo,” though. That autotuned mess of a second single [if I remember correctly… it’s been years] quickly quashed any desire to sample it. These days I vote for Heaven 17/B.E.F. time has forced me to take sides, but I’ll admit that “Travelogue” smokes either side for breakfast! What I would not give for another album that b*ash*t loco and completely unapologetic about it. All with grindingly weird synths. Sigh.

            • After reading your comments, I opened up Spotify and listened to both “Romantic?” and “Crash” (well, as much as I could tolerate of either). It was a pretty close race, but your assessment is accurate – “Romantic?” definitely wins for worst HL album. The shimmering single “Heart Like A Wheel” is an anomaly amid the dross of that LP.

              Agreed that “Octopus” and “Secrets” are both surprisingly good, but I also could not be bothered with “Credo.”

        • I loved “Heart Like A Wheel” – like you said, should have been a hit. Unfortunately, 1990 was a bad time to be a synthpop act – especially in the US. I still blame MTV for ruining mainstream popular music.

          The entire Virgin/EMI Human League back catalog should be remastered, just as was done properly with OMD, Ultravox, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, etc. And before physical media disappear completely.

  3. Just came across your site. Excellent choices of music. Downloaded the Human League, but don’t know the password to open it.

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