Running Around Town


01 Running Around Town (7″ Mix)
02 Running Around Town (BT’s Jacobs Ladder Mix)
03 Running Around Town (Extended Mix)
04 Running Around Town (BT’s Shelter Mix)
05 Running Around Town (Junior’s Mix)
06 Your Loving Arms (Brothers In Rhythm Edited Club Mix)


01 Running Around Town (Moran Pop Mix)
02 Running Around Town (Spike Radio Edit)
03 Running Around Town (Spike Club Mix)

INFO > The origins of Billie Ray Martin’s “Running Around Town” can be traced to “Moving Downtown”, a song Martin wrote in the mid-1980s while fronting Motown-inspired band Billie And The Deep. As a guest vocalist for S’Express, Martin recycled lyrics from “Moving Downtown” into “Pimps, Pushers, Prostitutes”, featured on 1989 album “Original Soundtrack.” In 1995, Brian Transeau produced and remixed Martin’s fully-developed “Running Around Town”, the second of five singles released from her solo debut album, “Deadline For My Memories.” The Tony Moran and Darrin Friedman remixes on the 1996 US promo are digitally exclusive to that CD.

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  1. Thank you Dj Shelf i don’t have this cd single

  2. You are most welcome. Enjoy!

  3. I reckon BRM could sing a shopping list and make it decent. The BT mix has always been my favourite. CHEERS though for the promo- never heard these mixes

  4. CLASSIC ++++
    thanks for the post !

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