Best Disco Vol. 1


01 Sinitta – Toy Boy (Extended Hip Joint Mix)
02 The Cover Girls – Show Me (The Nest Mix)
03 Lady Lily – Get Out Of My Life (Extended)
04 Modern Talking – Jet Airliner (Fasten-Seat-Belt-Mix)
05 Kissing The Pink – Certain Things Are Likely (Original Mix)
06 Thinking Orange – Don’t Go To Parties In The Night
07 Shy Rose – I Cry For You (Club Mix)
08 Danuta – Touch My Heart (Extended)
09 C.C. Catch – Are You Man Enough (Muscle Mix)
10 John Christian – Ebony Eyes (Extended)

INFO > This is the first installment in the Japanese eleven volume “Best Disco” series, which started in 1987 and ran until 1991. Although there’s no pure disco here, you will find an interesting mix of Hi-NRG, synthpop, freestyle, and other dance genres.

HELP > Anyone have the ‘Garage Mix’ of KTP’s “Certain Things Are Likely” from “The House Sound Of Chicago” box set? WAV, FLAC, or 320 MP3 preferred – thanks!

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  1. killer dude, got that box set somewhere..will look for it tonight.

  2. Nice compilation. Not familiar with a lot of the tracks.

  3. I have complete Box Set too, only in 320 kbit/s. Will uploat KTP asap!

  4. Thanx Djshelf and i,m very happy you come back. i have complete box set in Flac 5,6 giga(of vol 1 to vol. 15) here is your request Certain Things Are Likely (Gara.mp3

  5. I had the vinyl box set and CD box set, but sold them years ago for big$$. I only have the mp3’s now @ 320. Here is the KTP track from disc 8:

  6. THANKS ! Welcome back. Hope you had a good vacation !

  7. Thanks for the warm welcome home everyone :-) The vacation was great, but the wife and I have been horribly ill since returning – I just got back from the pharmacy.

    And thanks for those files, Nedzad and RA. And the other offers, as well – much appreciated!

  8. Yeah Welcome back, looking forward to future posts. Starting out amazing. Keep up the good work. :)

  9. welcome back. sorry to hear your unwell.

  10. that’s you’re not your. i hate it when people make that error

  11. I’m dealing with some nasty bug too… so, I know what your going through…. sucks to be sick!

  12. What is the password to open this, Buddy?


  13. Great post. That Sinitta track is a guilty pleasure. Great Freestyle beat!

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