The 900 Number EP


01 The 900 Number (Original Mix)
02 The 900 Number (45 King Remix)
03 The 900 Number (Lakim Shabazz Acappella Vocal)
04 The 900 Number (Ced Gee Remix 1)
05 The 900 Number (Ced Gee Remix 2)
06 The 900 Number (Ced Gee Remix 3)
07 The 900 Number (YZ Acappella Vocal)

INFO > Hip Hop track “The 900 Number” first appeared on The 45 King’s (Mark James) 1988 EP “The King Is Here!” The tune is simply an endless loop of the intro to Marva Whitney’s “Unwind Yourself”, produced by James Brown in 1968. MC Lakim Shabazz contributed a rap for the 1990 single release; however, the original instrumental remains the most well-known and often-sampled version.

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