Welcome To The Future 2 (US)


01 Eskimos & Egypt – UK:USA (South Central L.A.)
02 Whatever, Girl – Activator (Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Mix)
03 Burning Vinyl – Brainrush (XS Club Mix)
04 Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Foul Play Mix)
05 The Shamen – Comin’ On (Beat Mix)
06 Burning Vinyl – Selector (Belly Mix)
07 MFSB – T.S.O.P. (Theme From Soul Train ’94)
08 Rozalla – I Love Music (Overworld Mix)
09 East Beat Syndicate – Love Transmission (Impact Mission)
10 Vibes & Wishdokta – Obsession
11 Miracle – Oxygene (Radio Edit)
12 Sensation – Beautiful Morning (BBG’s Big Breakfast Mix)

INFO > This one’s for the benefit of our buddy Sandman, in response to his recent posting of the first entry in this series. The differences between the UK and US versions of the first two volumes are markedly significant, although I find these collections patchy and unsatisfying overall. And what’s the deal with ‘SoundBASE Three Dimensional Stereo’—marketing malarkey or what?

NOTE > On the above CD (and a corresponding US 12″ promo), track 8 is actually designated as: Rozalla “I Love Music” (Fire Island Mix), but is, in fact, Development Corporation’s ‘Overworld Mix’ as released in the UK and Europe. Not sure why someone at Epic US decided to change the mix name—perhaps it was intended to reference the gay-friendly, New York vacation mecca. Unfortunately, the nomenclature is misleading and confusing given that Fire Island is a production moniker of Terry Farley and Pete Heller.

RELATED ANECDOTE > So, remember how before everyone had access to the interweb, you had to leave your house to buy records? (and, err, other stuff?) When Rozalla’s “I Love Music” was released in 1994, the ‘Overworld Mix’ was a huge floor-filler at my beloved local nightclub, The Bank. Unfortunately, that mix isn’t on the US CD release, and I was unable to find a copy of the UK edition. After an exhaustive search effort, I became desperate enough to purchase an import 12″ single (I had abandoned vinyl years earlier). However, not content with a non-digital copy, I stepped up my game. Around that time, my girlfriend was heading over to the UK to visit family and friends, so I gave her a shopping list. A couple of weeks later, she returned with the Rozalla single, and a few other CDs that had been eluding me. Having passed this crucial test, I then decided she was worthy of marriage… ;-)

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  1. Nice djShelf! Have the first volume but never picked up #2. Those good ol’ rave days…

  2. ooh – a bit of 92 / 93 breakbeat ‘ ardkore on Methods of Dance…who’d have thought it?.”Obsession” by Vibes and Witchdoctor and Foul Plays “Open your mind” were big tunes for me (and everybody else who was a bit partial to that kind of thing). It’d be great to get a digital version of Obsession.

    Useless trivia – Witchdoctor is an alias of Grant Nelson, better known in house circles for giving a UK Garage remix to many a tune, especially towards the end of the 90’s. Foul Play included Steve Gurley, one of the unsung heroes of Jungle / Drum n bass and also a leading light in the late 90’s uk garage scene.


  3. Thanks for the post . A lot of goodies on here from the Rave Days.

  4. cool, this will give me a chance to hear the 2nd vol. , was curious about this.


  5. Thanks again! What I really enjoyed was your ‘related anecdote’!

  6. Haha! So worth reading, if not just for the last 2 sentences! MOD for President!

  7. I also have (or had, as I don’t see it in my Various Artists CDs) the first volume. It must be another casualty of eBay and should be on backup somewhere. I may just end up over at Sandman’s site (should check it out nonetheless) just to be sure I have it.

    Thanks for clearing up the Rozalla mix (up). I’ll have to check out this volume, so thanks for the post. I also enjoyed your related anecdote. Nice touch to your post!

  8. I’ve met many music fanatics like us over the years. And more often than not, all our other halves aren’t as music crazy. But I guess if they can be supportive in their own little ways, we’d be mighty appreciative. So what Mrs Shelf did was marvellous!

  9. Wasn’t expecting such a positive response to this post – you guys are the best! As is Mrs. Shelf :-)

  10. thank you for this post, and the nice story. my husband admitted he had checked out my record collection (in the apartment i shared with a mutual friend way back when) BEFORE asking me out on a date. then when i agreed to go record shopping with him, he made up his mind to marry me!

    • How romantic! On the rare occasions when I’ve dragged my wife out to a record shop, she’s quickly bored and desperate to leave. Clearly, YOU’RE a keeper :-)

      Thanks for sharing!

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