Balearic Beats The Album Vol 1


01 Electra – Jibaro (English Version)
02 Code 61 – Drop The Deal (Long Version)
03 Beats Workin’ – Sure Beats Workin’ (El Sonido Casa Balearico)
04 Enzo Avitabile – Blackout (Mix Version)
05 Mandy Smith – I Just Can’t Wait (The Cool & Breezy Jazz Version)
06 The Residents – Kaw-Liga (Prairie Mix)
07 The Wooden Tops – Why Why Why (Live)
08 Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant (Burn!)
09 Fini Tribe – De Testimony (Collapsing Edit)
10 The Thrashing Doves – Jesus on the Payroll (Street Groove)

INFO > In 1988, years before “Café del Mar” and subsequent imitations, Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, and Trevor Fung assembled the seminal compilation “Balearic Beats The Album.” This eclectic blend of Ibiza’s club vibes was hugely influential in the UK, where clubs like Shoom and Spectrum channeled the sounds of The White Island.

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  1. I have been trying to get this one for a while now for “Sure Beats Workin'”. Thanks!

  2. Dj shelf i have this various 3 years .Not shoore probably i have no2 of this .I dont know someone posted volume 3 couple years ago(NO FIND VOL 3 ON DISCOGS)i have vol 3 too.

    • While the name “Balearic Beats” has been used for other compilations, there were no subsequent collections after this initial FFRR release – only Vol 1.

  3. I Was A Teenage Shoegazer has been squashed!

  4. Music Archivist

    Shoegazer went to wordpress i think

  5. great blog – any chance of a re-up please?

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