Stand Up [Get Down]


01 Stand Up [Get Down]
02 Certain Things Are Likely (EngageDub)
03 I Won’t Wait
04 No One’s On The Same Side (MixeDub)

INFO > Kissing The Pink debuted in 1981 with the Martin Hannett produced post-punk single “Don’t Walk In The Shadows.” The band’s sound quickly shifted into the synthpop spectrum; however, success eluded the group. Under pressure from their label for chart topping singles, KTP adopted a commercial dance style in the mid-1980s, and scored minor hits with “Certain Things Are Likely” and “One Step.” 1988 release “Stand Up [Get Down]” features a non-album track backed by earlier material and mixes.

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  1. Thanks Shelf. I still have a small pile of KTP 12 inches, even though I really only knew very little by them. Thanks for this. My Kissing The Pink / KTP music folder has expanded! ;)

    • Yeah, I only recently started to learn more about Kissing The Pink, and I’m sorry I didn’t discover the band sooner. I had the “Certain Things Are Likely” 12″ when it was first released, but knew nothing about them at the time. And only in the past couple of years did I make the connection that KTP and Kissing The Pink are the same group. Their first three albums are available to download, but unfortunately no CDs are in print.

  2. Stand Up is a quintessential 80s song. I loved Kissing The Pink, KTP or whatever you wish to call them. This is a classic track! Khayem

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