Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (1995)


01 Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (Kiligore Trout’s Lingo Three Mix)
02 Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (Disciples Of Jovan Blade Remix)
03 Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (Original Mix 1)
04 Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (Original Mix 2)
05 Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (Bonus Beat 1)
06 Al-Naafiysh [The Soul] (Bonus Beat 2)
07 We’re Rocking The Planet (Original Mix 1)
08 We’re Rocking The Planet (Original Mix 2)

INFO > As Hashim, Jerry Calliste Jr. produced only a handful of singles, but is well-remembered for electro classic “Al-Naafiysh [The Soul].” Originally released through Cutting Records in 1983, “Al-Naafiysh” was licensed by Network in 1995 and reissued with new mixes by John McCready and Terrence Parker. As a bonus, the package also includes Hashim’s 1984 follow-up 12″, “We’re Rocking The Planet.”

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