Talking With Myself ’98


01 Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Radio Edit)
02 Talking With Myself ’98 (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
03 Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Remix)
04 Talking With Myself ’98 (Beloved Radio Edit)
05 Talking With Myself ’98 (Blue Horizon)
06 Talking With Myself ’98 (Canny Dub)

INFO > In forging a music career, German vocalist Billie Ray Martin (Birgit Dieckmann) sought to combine “the intellectual and the emotional” into her artistic output. To that end, Martin joined up with four lads from Birmingham to form Electribe 101. The first fruits of the group’s labor was “Talking With Myself”, which faired poorly as a single upon its initial release in 1988, but achieved greater success when re-released two years later. In 1998, the tune was revisited by Manifesto, which commissioned new remixes from Canny and The Beloved.

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  1. Thank you dj shelf only dont have blue horizon mix i try to send here almost all versions of this i think only one remix of Beloved i don’t have Talking With Myself (Beloved Surge Mix) from 2x 12 Vinyl

  2. This is two cd single in one folder i see now- great.

  3. Thanks a lot. Haven’t heard these remixes before.

  4. Adrive is bloked download must try again .Whats goin on?

  5. Where i’m from the Canny 98 remix is an end of the night classic. has people cryin n goin crazy at the same time. timeless, and respect as always for the upload. SUPER NICE!

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