I Know The Lord (1996 Mixes)


01 I Know The Lord (The Lords Anthem Born Again Radio Mix)
02 I Know The Lord (The Evangelist Radio Mix)
03 I Know The Lord (The Lords Anthem Original Radio Mix)
04 I Know The Lord (Way Out West Epic Mix)
05 I Know The Lord (Gregorio Mix)
06 I Know The Lord (The Lords Anthem Born Again Mix)

INFO > No clue who produced this one-off single as The Tabernacle. “I Know The Lord” was initially released in 1995, then reissued the following year with new mixes, including an epic rework by WOW.

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  1. This is just thats i like thank you dj shelf.I think you first posted this on net.I LOVE PROGRESSIVE .Doi you any have cd single from 1995.

  2. I’m certain I have both of these CD’s (one blue, one purple cover). Will try and hunt them down in next couple of days and will let ya know if it’s the other one :)

  3. Wow! Great track… Mega hard to find..
    Thanks for posting.
    Craig; Would like to see your purple one (lol) …

  4. i’ve got both of the blue and purple ones so if nobody else can supply the purple one [yes, oooer !!] , i most certainly can !!

  5. LOL – If you could post your purple one that would be great. I’ve been through bedroom CD’s with no luck, so must be in box in spare room! So would be great to see..er…. HEAR yours :)

  6. All horrible apart from the Gregorio mix. Thx MOD!

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