Absolutely Fabulous


01 Absolutely Fabulous (7″ Mix)
02 Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Tongue-In-Cheek Mix)
03 Absolutely Dubulous
04 Absolutely Fabulous (Dull Soulless Dance Music Mix)

INFO > Inspired by the immensely popular UK comedy series “Absolutely Fabulous”, Pet Shop Boys produced this 1994 single as a charity effort for Comic Relief. Released via the duo’s Spaghetti Recordings, “Absolutely Fabulous” reached 6 on the UK Singles Chart.

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  1. I absolutely love this track particularly the “Our Tribe” mix. Was gonna post this myself today but you beat me to it! LOL!!! :0)

  2. Cheers mate. :0)
    Still trying different things out.

  3. I have this cd thanx dj shelf but i must tell you what happend me today. Today I saved the pheasant.Fly directly into the hangar with glass windows and hit with full force in a window.I think he was dead, fortunately it was only dazed.My co-worker wanted to kill him and make a soup of it, I don’t let him do it that,I take a bird and I took the nearby forest i let her go on freedom.I hope bird is lucky this time.Every living bean have right on life and chance to live.

  4. NEDZAD – That was an “Absolutely Fabulous” kind deed. Cheers !

  5. Chris,
    Thanks for the dedication. LOL!

  6. Thank you my friends,I see that there are still good and human people

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