Losing My Mind


01 Losing My Mind
02 Losing My Mind (Extended Remix)
03 Tonight Is Forever

INFO > Following a lengthy hiatus away from the recording studio, Liza Minnelli revived her solo singing career in 1989 with the help of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. The collaboration was a match made in heaven, yielding the UK Top 10 album, “Results”, and four associated singles. As well as co-producing with Julian Mendelsohn, Tennant and Lowe wrote most of the album’s songs. Stephen Sondheim composition “Losing My Mind” was the initial offering, and peaked at 6 on the UK Singles Chart.

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  1. Pet Shop Boys produced . This was one of may favorite albums, “Results” from that era. Thanks for the post !

  2. BIG props given to Liza’s RESULTS. It’s truly one the best albums by a female of the 80s. Along with Donna Summer’s The Wanderer, it’s a perfect example of an artist and producer having complete understanding of each other. Few albums are able to convey such a specific nuance, from beginning to end. The electronics, the orchestral flourishes, and Liza’s acute dramaic flair all exist in harmony here, especially on a dim rainy night. I still pull this CD out and play it regularly and it never comes across as dated. I had prayed for a follow-up for years, but finally gave up.

  3. Awesome!… nice rare cd single, Thanks for another great gem.

  4. Fantastic single and such a great album – thanks for the reminder… I’m playin’ Results now :)

  5. One of my top singles of ’89 from one of my favourite albums of all time!!!
    All four singles are berriiiiiliant, but the album tracks are top notch too.
    Agree with Dana that it is a timeless album indeed.
    Another perfect reason why Neil & Chris are Ace!

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