Naked And Sacred


01 Naked And Sacred (Radio Edit)
02 Naked And Sacred (R.I.P. Vocal Mix)
03 Naked And Sacred (R.I.P’s Wah Wah Dub)
04 The Other Side (Edit)

INFO > For her solo debut, Maria Nayler covered Chynna Phillips’ “Naked And Sacred.” It was the first of three singles intended to promote Nayler’s still unreleased album. The CD features garage mixes from Omar Adimora & Tim Deluxe, and “The Other Side”—a Sasha production which borrows elements from his track “Arkham Asylum.”

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  1. thank you. did you buy it recently? or back then in the days of yore? :-)

    • I didn’t purchase it when originally released – probably picked it up a couple of years later when I was collecting Sasha remixes and productions. Although just this week, I received a promo of “Love Is The God” (see next post).

  2. Hi djShelf would you kindly reupload Maria Nayler’s solos recordings, please?

    Thanx ;)

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