Where Is The Humanity?

Earlier this evening, I received a call about an injured squirrel. The woman who contacted me attempted to capture the animal, but he was able to crawl off through a fence into the adjacent yard and hide away in foliage. I sped off to help the poor creature; however, just before I arrived, the woman called me back in a frantic state—the neighbor (an adult man) had repeatedly shot the already suffering squirrel with a BB gun and killed him. As I approached, the man was sweeping the body away with a rake, cursing the dead animal and complaining about how squirrels chew through wires. I informed the bastard that there is a special place in hell for him, thanked the kind neighbor for her effort, and hastily departed before acting in anger.

You may be thinking, “Get a grip, man—it’s only a squirrel. Human beings are killed every day.” Yes, innocent people throughout the world are murdered by the regimes of evil dictators. The lives of men, woman, and children are callously ended by gangsters and common criminals. Spouses, family members, neighbors, and complete strangers kill each other for everything from money to parking spaces. If we have no respect for our own species, what chance do animals have? All life should be held sacred, without exception.

I am perpetually disappointed and disgusted by mankind’s selfishness, apathy, and cruelty. What is to become of us?

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  1. i don’t know what to say, chris. i really don’t know what to say. it was painful to read, i can only imagine what/how you felt.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t shoot you with a BB gun if you scurried under my fence. (smiley face)

  3. The older I get, and the more I learn about the world and how people work…the more I just want to stay home with my pets.

  4. Yes Shelf where is the humanity.This is you wrote here is sad and scary.Poor anymal.I i;m against violence on anymals.As for the dictators and regimes that is guilty Usa and Russia for predominance in the world (the British have perfected these things)This is what I call hypocrisy and never do not believe what you served me well know that I think newspapers and television-advertising.If these two forces conflict will be the end of everything that exists today-but I hope to God that does not happen(World war 3)Never let you write about things you know and the people in your country do not know it.

  5. All life is equal. What gives people the right??
    Karma will get him…
    Anyone in the UK calling for assistance from an animal rescue group should check the groups policy online BEFORE calling them! Many will destroy animals they class as vermin. This could include owls and foxes.
    The UK is currently culling it’s badgers much to the horror of the British Public… FOR NO SOLID SCIENTIFIC REASON.
    Let’s hope hell has lots of space.
    Keep up the good work – You do make a difference.

  6. Thank you for your outrage and disgust. As much as the story and suchlike saps my faith in humankind, these comments go someway to restoring my faith in it.

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