01 Dreaming (Extended Mix)
02 Satellite
03 Gravity Never Failed
04 Dreaming (Seven Inch Version)

INFO > A couple of months back, we posted the US promo CD of OMD’s “Dreaming.” Here’s the UK single, featuring Tom Lord-Alge’s Extended Mix and edit, along with B-sides “Satellite” and “Gravity Never Failed”; the latter was recorded in 1981 during the “Architecture & Morality” studio sessions.

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  1. “Satellite” is by far one of the best OMD b-sides … thanks for another great post!

  2. i see you got this cd single, congrats and thanks for sharing :-)
    i love this song)

  3. Hey! Great job Shelf! Thanx for sharing!

  4. This is the Extended Mix I prefer! Thanks so much for this. And these B-Sides, OMD doesn’t disappoint. I also agree their current work and B-Sides worthy. “Idea 1” from HOM era is amazing. (Pet Shop Boys put out some awesome B-Sides as well. Sometimes better than their A-Side.)

  5. I think Adrive has now put a cap on the download speeds.

  6. This is the only site I know of that will give you a very good amount of storage and not limit the download speeds.


  7. Here is another service that you might want to check out also.


  8. Hello, just found this – can you pretty please reupload this somewhere other than Adrive? I’ll be eternally grateful! :o)

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