I Wish That


01 I Wish That
02 I Wish That (Radical Mix)
03 I Wish That (Radical Dub)

INFO > 1991’s “I Wish That” was the second single produced by Brendan Beal, Mark McGuire, and Maria Nayler as Ultraviolet.

HELP > Anyone have the CD single of “Kites”?

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  1. Dj Shelf i don’t know how much thanx for this CD(Big Life 43 CD) i haved rip from 7 inch vinyl and 12.This is wonderful vocals of young Maria Nayler(later have secssesful colaboration with Robert Miles-another beautiful song One on One)I think you first post something like this on Net.Pleease do you have anychance to post another cd single Kites(aj aj but remix- Kites (Fantasy Flite Part One) Kites (Fantasy Flite Part Two) no recorded on CD stupid companys.Today exzisted only remixes from 2009 (Ben Preston Pete Gooding mixes no one is like originaly remixes,damage for this i i;m very disappointed for this.company decisions.Thank you again long live Mod.

  2. hammox grooveyard

    de nada ¶;-þ

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