Links On Site?

A couple of days ago, I received this congenial communication from a recent visitor to the blog:

“Nice site but there are no download links you cretin.
Why bother if you make the links impossible to find?

I sincerely apologize to you, my frustrated friend. Unfortunately, as you employed an anonymous remailer, I was unable to respond privately. However, I want to address your kind inquiry accordingly.

Since this blog started in December 2010, the downloadable files (hosted on third-party, cloud-based servers) have been removed on four separate occasions. Dozens, and later hundreds of uploaded files were lost, much to my consternation, along with disappointment for many blog followers.

After each event, I tried to restore the missing material, only to see it swept away again. Finally, I decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and gave up, so all the entries posted prior to 2013 are for archival reference. Earlier this year, I added a disclaimer to this effect in the upper left (see NOTE). However, there is a flaw in this blog theme: the individual entries do not display the year that they were posted. Sorry about that; the Archives widget in the lower right column may be of some assistance.

In answer to the question posed: the newer download links (starting in 2013) aren’t terribly difficult to find for anyone familiar with music blogs. May I suggest leaving a comment if you still can’t locate a link…

Rest assured that your complete satisfaction is my utmost concern. Thanks again.


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  1. The Internets are full of jerks (but also full of great people too.) I love your response. Best to take the high road (as in over his head.)

  2. I like to look at the internet as the wild west, sure law and order seems to be coming to town, but every so often you may find yourself having to take things into your own hands and whip out a little justice of your own. What you can see in the comments above me, is that this ‘cretin’ as he or she so eloquently put it has been tried and convicted by a jury or his or her piers and found to be…. well, for lack of a better word, a dick. My point here is merely to compliment you on one of the best kept gems the internet has to offer, and for the way you handled this.

    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman and your blog can be described as nothing short of EPIC. Thanks for all your efforts, and for keeping it alive when so many others have fallen.

  3. I am thoroughly humbled – thanks for the very kind support and praise :-)

  4. withinaconstantgroove

    having run a blog for a little bit, the frustration with having all my hard work removed was too immense. congrats on keeping going.

    • Hey – I was wondering what happened to you. Yeah, the copyright cops don’t make it easy to share the wealth. Honestly, I’m always waiting to be shut down. But until then, let the music play. Thanks.

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