Electric Youth

Happy birthday to Deborah Gibson, who’s looking lovely at 43.


01 Electric Youth (Deep House Mix)
02 Electric Youth (Shep’s House Dub)
03 Electric Youth (7″ Version)
04 Electric Youth (The Electro Mix)
05 Electric Youth (The Electric Dub Gone Haywire)
06 We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix)

INFO > I freely confess to having a crush on Debbie Gibson since high school. As we’re only a year apart in age, and given rumors that young Miss Gibson frequented teen nightclubs in Philly, I thought I had a shot at hooking up with her back in the day :-]

While easy to dismiss Brooklyn-born Gibson as a bubblegum-pop princess from days gone by, she is a remarkably talented artist and still maintains a Guinness Record as the youngest person to write, produce, and perform a Billboard No. 1 single (1988’s “Foolish Beat”, recorded when she was 17).

Released as a single in 1989, “Electric Youth” is the title track from Gibson’s sophomore album. The original is a catchy composition, but Shep Pettibone’s electric remixes give Debbie a dose of dancefloor credibility (more so than the promo video).

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  1. Someone who is big fan of Shep Pettibone be happy i mean Leo.(visitor on share)Thank you Shelf I m self too is his big fan,Happy birthday Debbie.

  2. Thank you!!

  3. Oh boy… This is a guilty pleasure…

  4. The Mojo Nixon tribute is needed here.

  5. No Talent At All

    You weren’t the only guy with a crush on Debbie! She was insanely cute! Moreover, as a budding teen musician who was writing songs of his own, it encouraged me to see someone only a couple of years older than myself in the charts… :)

  6. Anyone seen “Mega Python vs Gatoroid” starring Debbie and Tiffany? Low-budget monster movie garbage, but great to see the two of them hamming it up:

  7. OMG – WOW! The movie clips are incredible… Thank you…. Would prob never have seen them! Proves they were both amazing and happy to play on the ‘rivalry’… Even now! I loved both and have the ‘Electric Youth’ 3″ CD :)

  8. So, did you ever meet/bump into Debbie in Philly?

  9. OUCH ! this Post does hit home. Am I really this OLD ?
    thanks ! great nostalgic post :)

  10. wasn’t expecting at all that i would like it so much)) never heard her name before – listening to the “electric youth” single right now. shep pettibone’s production is ace, no doubt. but the songwriting is really good, too. needless to say, it’s the 1st debbie song that i ever get to listen to. i think i’ll search on discogs what else is worth listening, but chris, could you recommend smt of hers (singles/remixes) ?

    thanks again for this post)

    ps. at school i was having a crush on andrea corr :-)

    • Although saccharine sweet, Debbie’s first two albums were her most successful. As she matured, so did her lyrics and sound, although her popularity faded fast in the 1990s.

      Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley remixed “We Could Be Together” (1989) and Masters At Work reworked “One Step Ahead” (1991) – see if you can dig up the promo CD for the latter.

      DJ Paul T has the 12″ of “Foolish Beat” posted on Burning The Ground: http://burningtheground.net/category/debbie-gibson/ Good stuff on the flip side.

      Andrea Corr – nice Irish lass :-)

  11. Good post. Hopin’ for Color Me Badd next ha ha!

  12. link esta muerto, por favor, subanlo de nuevo, gracias.

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