Hey Ho!


01 Hey Ho! (Heavy Mix)
02 Hey Ho! (Instrumental Mix)
03 Hey Ho! (Soft Mix)
04 I Sit On Acid (Original Mix)
05 I Sit On Acid (Remix)
06 For Grown Ups

INFO > Since the late-1980s, Belgian producers Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan), Nikkie Van Lierop (Jade 4U), Olivier Adams, and other collaborators have created New Beat, rave, house, and techno under various aliases, including: 101, Channel X, Digital Orgasm, and M.N.O. 1990’s “Hey Ho!” was the group’s second single as Lords Of Acid; not surprisingly, Disney objected to the sampling of “Heigh-Ho” from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, and so the familiar chant was removed from subsequent releases. The CD single also includes the act’s racy debut, “I Sit On Acid.”

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  1. oh, i love both “hey ho” and “i sit on acid” )) in fact, i learnt about them from you, as you posted the promo on the bank. their 1st album is good enough too, crazy rave tunes.

    i’ve already downloaded this single from one certain music tracker, i wanted original “hey ho” in good quality. and only then, singing along “hey ho, hey ho”, it occured to me what’s ho)))) i admit i laughed like crazy) i’m not native speaker, so i guess it’s forgivable for me not to get it right away. same happened with shamen’s “eezer goode”

  2. I have almost all of this band (last is Lords of Acid – Deep Chills – 2012 ) but not have this CD single thank you Dj Shelf.

  3. This is one of the CD Singles / 12 Inches I didn’t have. Thanks!

  4. Great u/l cheerz! :0)


    thanks :)

  6. Like the others, this is one I never had. So, thanks for the post!

    I’ve been wanting to purchase the LOA Stript CDs, especially the ones for Lust and Voodoo-U (instrumental versions of each album). I saw the one for Lust a couple years ago in a used CD shop, but I didn’t buy it. Been kicking myself ever since.

  7. Big underground tune in Manchester back in 1990, one I haven’t had chance to rip to MP3 yet, many thanks

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