Must Be The Music

74321207362   74321207372

01 Must Be The Music (Radio Mix)
02 Must Be The Music (K-Klass Klub Mix)
03 Must Be The Music (Flute In Space Mix)
04 Must Be The Music (Hysterix Extended Mix)
05 Must Be The Music (Pharmacy Dub)
06 Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Music Master)
07 Talk To Me (Sasha’s Dub)
08 Talk To Me (Original Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > In 1990, Richard Belgrave and Darren Black recruited vocalist Siobhan Reynolds for their debut single, “Talk To Me”, issued under the name Coloursound. A couple of years later, producer Nigel Butler joined in, Maxine Harvey replaced Siobhan, and the group changed its name to Hysterix. Promo only “Pressure” was the act’s initial offering, followed by first proper single, “Must Be The Music”, featuring mixes by K-Klass, with Sasha’s reworkings of “Talk To Me” on the flipside.

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  1. Not hugely excited about Must Be The Music, but Talk To Me, that’s another story! Thx MOD!!!

  2. Thanks so much for this!!! Been looking for a good quality copy of “Talk To Me” for ages!!!

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