EMI Dance House Volume 1


01 Public Relation Unlimited – It’s Like A Madhouse
02 J.W.B. – Never Again
03 The Soundstealers – It’s Time For House (J.B.S Party Mix)
04 Dux Dux – Keep On Pushing Harder (Rappin’ House Mix)
05 Bionic Force – Rap Technology
06 Charvoni – Always There (Extended ‘Blaze’ Dance Mix)
07 Jaz – Hawaiian Sophie (Punch It Mix)
08 Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Extended Disco Mix)
09 Diana Ross – Working Overtime (The Boss Mix)
10 Natalie Cole – Miss You Like Crazy
11 Kym Mazelle – Got To Get You Back (Gettin’ Back Mix)

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  1. Thank you for posting this

  2. Thanks :)

  3. looks awesome, thanks!

  4. hi chris, the link page says overlimit. any chance of new link? thanks.

  5. spoke too soon. the page refreshed itself and dl working now. sorry for the trouble. thanks for the music!

  6. Miss You Like Crazy, wtf :-D

  7. Thanks muchly and happy Crimbo! Downloading this for the Kym Mazelle mix – cheers!

  8. P.S. Oh! Darn, the Kym Mazelle mix skips several times… don’t suppose you can check the CD, if you have it? Would appreciate it if so. Thanks!

    • This CD isn’t from my collection – the rip was donated by a generous benefactor of the blog. I’m not familiar with that track, but are you referring to what sound like dropouts at 00:31, 01:20, and 02:40? They’re all right on the beat and sound like part of the mix, not skipping.

      • Thanks for the reply! I initially thought it might be deliberate, but then I checked out the waveform and there’s a clear dead silence, similar to a skip or dropout. I don’t think it’s deliberate? The mix is very similar to the one on the B-side of the 2nd 12″ (“Saturday Night Special”) which doesn’t have three random breaks in it and it’s by the same producer… I’m going to have to buy a copy of the CD to confirm once and for all, though! Cheers.

    • Yeah, those breaks do seem a bit suspicious, despite their placement. Let me know if you find a copy to confirm (could also be some sort of pressing error common to that CD).

      • Well, I contacted a few guys on Discogs who had the CD in their collection. I got two responses; “Mine is the same” and “Mine is fine, you must have a scratched CD”…. so I’m none the wiser at this moment!

  9. Yeah, so it’s on ALL CD pressings, fault or not. I’ll eventually confirm with someone who still owns the actual 12″ vinyl if the mix is supposed to sound like this. As a general comment, though, I am loving all the retro compilations you’ve shared recently. More of these! They’re awesome!

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