60 Miles An Hour (Tour EP)

Perfect weather, second row seats, my two best mates, and a bit of booze—last night was a perfect concert experience. After 25 years, I finally caught New Order on a ‘good’ night… a very good night. Although Hooky was missed, the band was in fine form, and Bernard sounded great, even with a broken leg (a bizarre revelation which he never explained). Steve Morris is still a machine behind that drum kit, and it’s great to see Gillian at the keyboard again. The set list included several surprises amid the usual hits, and ended with an all-Joy Division encore. New Order are definitely here to stay.


01 60 Miles An Hour (Radio Edit)
02 60 Miles An Hour (Supermen Lovers Remix)
03 Someone Like You (Futureshock Vocal Remix)
04 Sabotage
05 True Faith (Reading Festival 1998)
06 Temptation (Reading Festival 1998)

FACT > This Australian exclusive Tour EP of “60 Miles An Hour” includes selections from the two UK CD singles, and two live recordings from New Order’s appearance at the 1998 Reading Festival.

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  1. you mean, bernard interpreted that “break a leg” saying too literally?

    • Ha ha! He didn’t have a (visible) cast on, and said it in such a joking manner that it seemed hard to believe. He probably sustained a minor fracture that obviously didn’t completely impair his mobility, nor ability to stand for 90 minutes.

  2. is there something wrong with the tracklist (perhaps on the cd itself)? on discogs, track 3 is called funk d’void mix but actually that remix is almost 10 mins on uk cd1. and this one on tour ep is the same length as futureshock mix.

    live tracks are great here but not the mixes. would be better if they put james holden and ‘real’ funk d’void mixes here.

  3. saw them at merriweather post pavilion last week (and new york last year) and my only complaint is that the guitars are so loud that they completely drown out whatever it is that gillian is doing.

    • These days, I can’t sit through any concert without earplugs. And yes, no reason for two guitarists – Phil Cunningham is redundant. And Tom Chapman is no Peter Hook. But the band was still great the night I saw them.

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