World [The Price Of Love]


01 World (The Radio Edit)
02 World (The Perfecto Mix)
03 Ruined In A Day (Reunited In A Day Remix)
04 World (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
05 World (World In Action Mix)
06 Ruined In A Day (Bogle Mix)
07 World (The Perfecto Edit)

FACT > Had Factory Records not collapsed in 1992, “World” might have been the the first single from New Order’s then-untitled sixth album. A customary Factory catalog number (FAC 323) was assigned to the release; however, “World” would ultimately be the third single issued from “Republic” in 1993, via London Records. The US maxi-single combines mixes of both “World” and preceding single, “Ruined In A Day.”

LIVE > As much as I worship New Order, I’ve only seen them live on three occasions (they don’t get over here very frequently):

  • 14 July 1989 – The Mann Center (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 04 August 1993 – Brendan Byrne Arena (East Rutherford, NJ)
  • 05 May 2005 – Hammerstein Ballroom (New York, NY)

24 years (almost to the day) since the band’s last visit to the City of Brotherly Love, New Order finally returns to Philadelphia tonight, and they’ll be playing the same venue—The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, an outdoor concert facility set in Fairmount Park.

To be honest, I have been less than impressed by the band’s past performances. On the 1989 tour, they were upstaged by openers Public Image Limited (although John Lydon is certainly a hard act to follow). At the 1993 show, fellow Mancunians 808 State generated a far more entertaining onstage energy. The 2005 NYC date was the best of the lot, but still far from memorable. Without erstwhile bassist Peter Hook, I maintain diminished expectations for this evening, but perhaps the old men will surprise me yet.

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  1. I’m also a massive New Order fan, they were my first gig ever (December 1987 GMEX Manchester). Live they are notoriously hit and miss though, generally either brilliant or just mediocre.

  2. only ever saw New Order once. they were terrible. but i did like this single a lot

  3. thanks for that!! :)

  4. I’ve always thought of New Order as a studio band, sometimes Barney’s vocals are pretty bad live…and that’s coming from a big NO, I have to agree. I have this single as well, but thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  5. I don’t rate “World” at all, but the Reunited mix of “Ruined In A Day” would easily be in my top ten New Order tracks.

  6. Loved this album. Thanks for the Share !

  7. do you have ‘ruined in a day’ single?

  8. For ahist…

    Ruined In A Day CD1 (Radio edit, ambient mix, reunited in a day & bonus track “Vicious Circle”):

    Ruined In A Day CD2 (Sly & Robbie mixes):

  9. hi

    please update your blogroll with my new blog –

    the old blog listed on your blogroll no longer exists

  10. Welcome back! Hope you had a great time. :)

    Thanks for posting this, as it’s my favorite from Republic, followed by “Regret.” I had the CD Singles for those 2, but sold them a few years back.

    A few blogs were closed down by blogger while you were away:
    Turn On Your Record Player
    Mixed Business 1 (run by Come Fine Yourself, which closed a couple months ago)
    One Step Brighter

  11. A bit late to the party here but ‘World’ was remixed by Danny Tenaglia initially. The band however didn’t like it so he removed their vocals and released the track as ‘Bottom Heavy’ – which went on to be a huge hit and the launching pad for Tenaglia’s international Djing career. He still plays his ‘World’ remix from time to time.

    • Really?! Never that little tidbit – quite fascinating. I was aware of the Tony Garcia mixes, but not Tenaglia’s take. I now have to listen to “Bottom Heavy” again and imagine Barney over the top…

      Thanks for the trivia, Bob!

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