Pandora’s Box (US Promo)

OMD put on an outstanding show last night at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. Their setlist comprised a well-balanced sample of tunes spanning the group’s career. The on-stage energy transferred to the audience, which Andy described as “the bounciest” that he had seen on the current tour, and also noted that it had grown in size from the band’s 2011 visit. It was great to see Andy engage with folks at the front of the stage, and again witness his bizarre dance moves. It’s been 35 years since they started, and OMD are better than ever.


01 Pandora’s Box (Andy McCluskey 7″ Mix)
02 Pandora’s Box (Carl Segal 7″ Mix)
03 Pandora’s Box (Steve Anderson 12″ Mix)
04 Pandora’s Box (Steve Anderson 7″ Edit)

INFO > It’s title inspired by a 1929 silent film (star Louise Brooks is featured on the cover), “Pandora’s Box” was the second of four singles released from OMD’s eighth album, 1991’s “Sugar Tax.” The US promo CD includes a couple of hard-to-find versions: Carl Segal’s edit and Steve Anderson’s ‘Abstract Mix.’

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  1. thanks for this post !
    My favorite Album by OMD :Sugar Tax”

  2. Love OMD!
    ‘Sugar Tax’ the best OMD album!
    My absolute favourite!

  3. this is one of my favorite songs by omd.
    such an underrated single!
    thank you.

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