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Whispering Your Name (US Promo)


01 Whispering Your Name (Original Version)
02 Whispering Your Name (Single Mix)
03 Whispering Your Name (Extended Mix)
04 Whispering Your Name (Vince Clarke Remix)

INFO > Alison Moyet’s acoustic cover of “Whispering Your Name” was produced by Ian Broudie for her 1994 album, “Essex.” The tune is a Jules Shear composition originally recorded for his 1983 debut LP. Vince Clarke’s remix marked his first association with Moyet since their collaboration as Yazoo in the early-80s.

Immediately following the release of “Whispering Your Name”, it was conjectured that the producers of the remixed single version—Johnny Nitrate and Steve Rocket—are in fact Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. After nearly two decades, both Moyet and Tennant finally quashed the rumor in 2012, leaving the true identities of Nitrate and Rocket to remain a mystery.

I Don’t Want Your Love


01 I Don’t Want Your Love (Land Of Oz Edit)
02 I Don’t Want Your Love (Shiatsu Mix)
03 I Don’t Want Your Love (Agua Ambience)

INFO > Soul vocalist Lynda Law debuted on Johnson Dean’s 1989 single “Somebody Somewhere”, released through WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings. Law’s debut solo single, “I Don’t Want You Love”, was produced by Pete Lorimer and Youth, and issued in 1990 via the then-new Perfecto label.

Victim Of Pleasure (US Promo)


01 Victim Of Pleasure (Justin Strauss Mix)
02 Say It’s Love (Love House)
03 Victim Of Pleasure (LP Version)
04 Victim Of Pleasure (7″ House Version)

INFO > An underage affair with Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman thrust Amanda Louise Smith into the public spotlight during the mid-1980s. Tabloid infamy helped earn Mandy a contract with Pete Waterman’s newly-established PWL imprint; her debut single “I Just Can’t Wait” was the label’s first release in 1987. “Victim Of Pleasure” was Mandy’s fourth single and her only US release; Justin Strauss remixed the track for the single’s stateside issue in 1989.

The Desperate Hours (US Promo)


01 The Desperate Hours (12″ Vocal Mix)
02 The Desperate Hours (7″ Remix)
03 The Desperate Hours (Dub Mix)
04 The Desperate Hours (Alternate Dub Mix)

INFO > “The Desperate Hours” was the second of three singles issued from Marc Almond’s 1990 album, “Enchanted.” The tune was remixed by Justin Strauss for the US single release.



01 Heroin (V.R. Heroin)
02 Heroin (Original Mix)
03 Heroin (Needle Park Mix)
04 Heroin (Overlords Mix)
05 Heroin (Nosebleed Mix)

INFO > Former Generation X frontman Billy Idol (born William Broad) has sustained a solo career for over 30 years, experiencing his greatest success in the 1980s, thanks to catchy rock anthems and an MTV-ready glam-punk image.

Velvet Underground cover “Heroin” was the lead single from Idol’s 1993 experimental concept album “Cyberpunk.” Although a commercial failure, the album’s Macintosh-based, home studio production was ahead of its time. Equally groundbreaking was the promotional campaign for “Cyberpunk”, which employed the internet, e-mail, virtual communities, and multimedia software. Techno-tinged “Heroin” was remixed by Tony Garcia and The Overlords, who collectively created eight versions of the track.

While his fame has faded, the 57-year-old Idol still continues to record new music, collaborate with other artists, tour, and occasionally act.

(Not) LIVE > I’ve wanted to experience Billy Idol live since I was in high school over 25 years ago. So, to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, the wife and I had planned to see Billy perform last night at The House of Blues in Atlantic City (yes, I know – very romantic). Unfortunately, Mrs. Shelf wasn’t feeling well, and frankly, I didn’t feel like driving to AC. Well, I’ve waited this long…

HELP > Anyone have the US promo CD for Idol’s 2001 recording of “Don’t You Forget About Me”?

React Test Five


01 Mrs. Wood – Heartbreak (Vocal Mix)
02 Blu Peter – The Pictures In Your Mind (Club Mix)
03 Sonic Animation – Magnitude 7
04 Seb – Rainbow Islands (MC Sharkey’s Bonkers Mix)
05 Dream Plant – The Mighty Machine (Original Mix)
06 Mark N-R-G – In My Brain
07 Aldo Bender – Enlightenment (Acid Mix)
08 Kitachi – Heavyweight
09 Masters At Work – Jus’ A Lil’ Dope
10 José Padilla – Walking On Air
11 The Shamen – Transamazonia (LTJ Bukem Mix)
12 Juan Atkins – The Fusion (Part Two)

Tomorrow People (US Promo)


01 Tomorrow People (New York City Edit)
02 Tomorrow People (Reggae This Remix)
03 Tomorrow People (Dub This)
04 Tomorrow People (LP Mix)

INFO > Formed in 1979, The Melody Makers comprised four of reggae legend Bob Marley’s children: Ziggy, Sharon, Cedella, and Stephen. Eldest son Ziggy ultimately became the focus of the group, which grew in popularity throughout the 1980s. Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth produced the act’s most commercially successful single, 1988’s “Tomorrow People”, which was remixed by Justin Strauss and studio partner Murray Elias for Popstand Productions.

Riding On A Train (US Promo)


01 Riding On A Train (Extended Remix)
02 Riding On A Train (7″ Edit)
03 Riding On A Train (Just Right Dub)
04 Riding On A Train (Album Version)

INFO > Last week, Acid Ted devoted a couple of posts to the work of New York DJ/producer Justin Strauss. Following Ted’s lead, we’ll be exploring more of Strauss’ remixography this month, starting with the second single from UK R&B quintet The Pasadenas. Strauss’ mixes of “Riding On A Train” are digitally exclusive to this US promo CD.

Jean The Birdman


01 Jean The Birdman
02 Gone To Earth
03 Tallow Moon
04 Darkwater
05 Earthbound
06 Endgame

INFO > “Jean The Birdman” was the first of two singles released from David Sylvian and Robert Fripp’s 1993 album, “The First Day.” The 2CD set features a wealth of exceptional and exclusive B-sides, including the title track from Sylvian’s 1986 LP, “Gone To Earth.”



01 Annette – Dream 17
02 T-Coy – I Ain’t Nightclubbing
03 DCB – House Fantaz-Ee
04 E.D. 209 – Acid To Ecstacy
05 A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
06 Acid Masters – Megagrip
07 T-Coy – Cariño
08 Frequency 9 – Get On One

INFO > Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the Second Summer of Love, 1988, when dance culture in the UK was forever changed. Inspired by Manchester’s legendary Haçienda nightclub, “North: The Sound Of The Dance Underground” was an integral part of the soundtrack to that magical period. Haçienda DJ Mike Pickering and Deconstruction co-founder Pete Hadfield compiled “North”, which comprises productions from Pickering, Simon Topping, Ritchie Close, and Gerald Simpson under various aliases.