My Hand Over My Heart


01 My Hand Over My Heart (Single Mix)
02 My Hand Over My Heart (Grit And Glitter Mix)
03 Money For Love (Fiddle Mix)
04 Night And No Morning
05 Money For Love (Ennio Mix)
06 Deadly Serenade
07 My Hand Over My Heart (Andrei’s Radio Edit)*

*Special bonus track

INFO > Lush production, romantic lyrics, and an impassioned vocal performance combined to create one of Marc Almond’s most memorable singles, 1991’s “My Hand Over My Heart.” Almond co-wrote the song with former Soft Cell partner Dave Ball and Richard Norris (The Grid), who also remixed the tune. Trevor Horn spared no expense for a full orchestral accompaniment, arranged by Anne Dudley. And as if the main attraction weren’t enough, we’re also treated to several of Almond’s exceptional B-sides.

The one element lacking from this package is a proper edit—the five minute ‘Single Mix’ is only slightly shorter than the album version, and radio edits on UK and US promo releases are lazily faded around the 4:15 mark. Remedying this problem, our friend Andrei has created a custom edit, ending the track perfectly. However, does anyone have the 3:40 edit from this German promo CD?

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  1. this is too much, chris))))) you shouldn’t have put my name in it!! ))
    i’m flattered but you really could have called it Alternative Radio Edit, for instance.
    also, i’m still not fully satisfied with the cold ending of this edit – it’s an okay ending, not perfect, though better than official edits that we’ve heard.

    probably my favourite marc almond single, i mean, with this tracklisting (b-sides and remixes too)

    • You don’t give yourself enough credit – it’s a commendable job of digital trickery. I challenge anyone out there to do better. We are in your debt, sir :-)

  2. Hello!!!! How can I open the RAR file??? thank you!

  3. Shelf… You made it again! One of the best tracks ever… And Andrei’s edit it’s very good too.

  4. Thank you very much for this! djShelf and Andrei!

  5. Yes!!! but I want to open with that password I can’t… open a window with a message “corrupt file or wrong password” :(

    • I just tested the link and PW – no problem. Try it again, Horacio – are you using a capital D? You can always copy the PW from above and paste into the dialog box of your decompression software.

  6. YES!!!! I could!!!! with 7zip :D Thanks so much!!!! I hope you post more Marc Almond singles!

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