All I Need Is You (US Promo)


01 All I Need Is You (7″ Mix)
02 All I Need Is You (Album Mix)
03 All I Need Is You (U.K. Alternative Mix)
04 All I Need Is You (Red’s Mix)
05 All I Need Is You (Midnite Cake Mix)
06 All I Need Is You (Hood Mix)
07 All I Need Is You (The “Other” Mix)
08 All I Need Is You (Castle Mix)
09 All I Need Is You (Sherwood Forest Dub)
10 All I Need Is You (12″ Alternative Remix)
11 All I Need Is You (U.K. Alternative Mix 2)

Tracks 4 – 9 > Remixed by Chris Cox
Track 10 > Remixed by Justin Strauss

INFO > In 1991, UK pop-rock quartet Blue Train flirted with fame via their debut single “All I Need Is You.” The catchy but forgettable ditty spent several weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and ultimately became a top 40 hit. Unfortunately, significant radio exposure didn’t translate to sales, and the band’s US-based label abandoned them.

The single’s curio value is upped by the participation of a young Chris Cox, who honed his production skills working for DJ services Hot Tracks, DiscoTech, and Razormaid before teaming up with Barry Harris to form Thunderpuss in 1997. “All I Need Is You” includes Cox’s first commercially available mixes, many of which are digitally exclusive to this promo (‘Hood’, ‘Castle’, and ‘Sherwood Forest’ reference the band’s city of origin: Nottingham, England).

NOTE > Tracks 10 and 11 are from a second promo CD, on which the ‘U.K. Alternative Mix’ instrumentation is pitched slightly down, resulting in a different sound and longer duration.

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  1. OMG! I love this song! It should have been a major hit here in the States. I remember when this was charting on the Hot 100. Billboard had reformulated their chart rules, to include SoundScan point-of-sale, BDS airplay and they started the 20 week rule (songs dropped from the chart after spending 20 weeks on it). I feel this single kinda lost in the shuffle, as it was at #46 on the Nov. 23rd chart, then #77 the following week (still bulleted). 3 weeks later, and it was gone. :(

    I had the 9-track Promo up until a year and a half ago. I had to sell it as unemployment left me with no funds. Sold it on eBay and ripped it to my computer. I eventually lost it when my hard drive crashed last July. Incidentally, I still have the 2-track Promo with the UK Alternative Mix and 12″ Alternative ReMix. I did share them both years ago at a forum, and have been trying to get in contact with some old forum friends with no luck, trying to get this back. So, thank you!

    • Thanks for the chart info, LMNO – very interesting. After Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hit the airwaves in August 1991, everything changed.

      Sorry you had to part with that 9-track promo, but good that you held onto the 2-tracker – despite all of Cox’s efforts, Strauss’ remix is the best of the lot.

  2. Strange how sometimes these bands from your home town pass you by- thought my home town of Nottingham only had B Movie and KWS to be responsible for………!!

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