I Don’t Want Your Love


01 I Don’t Want Your Love (Land Of Oz Edit)
02 I Don’t Want Your Love (Shiatsu Mix)
03 I Don’t Want Your Love (Agua Ambience)

INFO > Soul vocalist Lynda Law debuted on Johnson Dean’s 1989 single “Somebody Somewhere”, released through WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings. Law’s debut solo single, “I Don’t Want You Love”, was produced by Pete Lorimer and Youth, and issued in 1990 via the then-new Perfecto label.

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  1. Well done DJ Shelf exactly like you promised.I haved only land of oz mix.Ifind Lynda Law now singing in Tunisia(stiil is beautiful for her age)This woman have fantastic vox.Look at this from Discogs http://www.808state.com/discogs/propages/prolynda/prolynda2.htm 808 STATE remix(The Massey Mix)Do you any have this remix single i never heard this version.You are a man of word as you say it will be.Thank you very much for this.

  2. Thanks for the original mixes. Here’s the Massey Mix:


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