01 Heroin (V.R. Heroin)
02 Heroin (Original Mix)
03 Heroin (Needle Park Mix)
04 Heroin (Overlords Mix)
05 Heroin (Nosebleed Mix)

INFO > Former Generation X frontman Billy Idol (born William Broad) has sustained a solo career for over 30 years, experiencing his greatest success in the 1980s, thanks to catchy rock anthems and an MTV-ready glam-punk image.

Velvet Underground cover “Heroin” was the lead single from Idol’s 1993 experimental concept album “Cyberpunk.” Although a commercial failure, the album’s Macintosh-based, home studio production was ahead of its time. Equally groundbreaking was the promotional campaign for “Cyberpunk”, which employed the internet, e-mail, virtual communities, and multimedia software. Techno-tinged “Heroin” was remixed by Tony Garcia and The Overlords, who collectively created eight versions of the track.

While his fame has faded, the 57-year-old Idol still continues to record new music, collaborate with other artists, tour, and occasionally act.

(Not) LIVE > I’ve wanted to experience Billy Idol live since I was in high school over 25 years ago. So, to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, the wife and I had planned to see Billy perform last night at The House of Blues in Atlantic City (yes, I know – very romantic). Unfortunately, Mrs. Shelf wasn’t feeling well, and frankly, I didn’t feel like driving to AC. Well, I’ve waited this long…

HELP > Anyone have the US promo CD for Idol’s 2001 recording of “Don’t You Forget About Me”?

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  1. Dj Shelf i have this cd thanks for upload this.I try upload the Overloads some staff (WOW. MR JOGI or Gods Eye or semething ellse).Thank you for uploading good rare music.

  2. oh, chris, congrats and thank you)) hope mrs shelf is feeling fine

  3. I find only . Original Version-Radio Edit and KJ Club Mix-Radio Edit but price for this cd is 55 US dollars(dearly)Congratulations to select

  4. great…billy is heroin for ears!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs!!!
    And hope the Mrs Shelf recovers soon.
    Billy can wait…

  6. cyberpunk so ahead of it s time…shock to the system one of best videos ever…thank you a million times and best wishes for mrs.shelf.

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