Jean The Birdman


01 Jean The Birdman
02 Gone To Earth
03 Tallow Moon
04 Darkwater
05 Earthbound
06 Endgame

INFO > “Jean The Birdman” was the first of two singles released from David Sylvian and Robert Fripp’s 1993 album, “The First Day.” The 2CD set features a wealth of exceptional and exclusive B-sides, including the title track from Sylvian’s 1986 LP, “Gone To Earth.”

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  1. Wow – I’ve always been a huge Sylvian fan and had the Gold CD edition of “The First Day” but had no idea about this release! Thanks Shelfy!

  2. Endgame is, quite likely, my favourite Sylvian song ever… if not my favourite song outright!!
    Thanks for posting these.

  3. thanks, i have the album, but not these!

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