Call Me Blue (US Promo)


01 Call Me Blue (LP Version) 02:11
02 Some Intense Irish Brogue 02:39
03 Call Me Blue (Blue-Green Version) 02:54

INFO > Indie rockers A House formed in Dublin in 1985. Following compilation appearances, two self-released singles, and a John Peel session, the band signed with Blanco y Negro in 1987. Anthemic “Call Me Blue” charted in A House’s native Ireland and also garnered the group attention stateside. This US promo CD features two exclusive tracks: an interview with the band and an extended version of “Call Me Blue.”

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  1. I absolutely adored this band back in the day. “multi-formatting” could be a nightmare but with this band i didn’t mind how many times i had to buy a 10″ EP as well as 2 CD singles…. I urge anyone who hasn’t to check out the b-sides to ‘Why Me?’ or ‘Here Come The Good Times’…… great stuff…

  2. I used to play this on my college radio show. Thank you!

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